Supply Chain Management




Optimization of exchanged data with logistics operators and transport companies



Comarch provides a solution that ensures the secure and rapid flow of information concerning the physical movement of ordered goods by utilizing EDI messages combined with logistics labels. Comarch Supply Chain Management enables our clients to manage the flow of goods. This solution communicates with various logistics service providers, allowing full integration with logistics systems.



  • Comprehensive support for transactions in the supply chain
  • Consistency of data
  • Secure and fast data exchange with each partner
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Traceability – efficient tracking of the movement of goods

Supply Chain Management - Benefits



Sending data to the logistics operators to speed up the delivery of goods. The ability to hide specified data (e.g. prices).


Effective communication of information to the logistics operator about shifting/delivery of goods to the customer from the warehouse. The use of appropriate documents (e.g. INSDES and HANMOV) optimizes the processes.


Our platform integrates with logistics operators’ WMS systems, reducing costs for your company with each change of operator.


Fast transport orders (IFTMIN) with bills of lading covering the required range of data. Documents tagged with integrated logistics label adapted to the partner’s requirements.


One-stop access to all statuses of the orders executed by logistics operators. Allows a swift response in the event of problems.


Monitoring the status of processed documents, and fast access to information about new messages. This supports the traceability process.

Challenges in the global supply chain management


Companies, both on the demand and supply sides, outsource various supply chain functions to partners including logistics service providers (LSPs). In the era of globalization and e-commerce, the supply chain continues to expand, and B2B collaboration, often with no set of communication standards to follow, is challenging. Moreover, the diversification of worldwide processes and technologies requires flexible and configurable applications that guarantee secure communication with all partners on-boarding worldwide.

Comarch Supply Chain Management enables integration with various logistics services providers, and control over all shipments, from one place – thus reducing the resources required for every shift to a new provider. An individually defined set of electronic documents based on global standards, along with data validation and format conversion, ensures process optimization. Moreover, the integration of trade documents (e.g. an order or invoice) exchanged with business and logistics partners (e.g. transport instruction) with a logistics label improves the traceability of goods in the whole supply chain. Comarch Supply Chain Management has been designed to improve supply chain management globally, regardless of a company’s technological maturity and geographical scope.

Managed Services


Implementation of the process of connections with business partners in accordance with the schedule (including information campaigns, webinars and newsletters).


Comarch’s multi-lingual Service Desk team provides reliable support while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Experienced project managers are assigned to the project and oversee the initiation, preparation, execution and closure stages to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed solution.


Comprehensive services for processing paper documents, such as preparing for scanning, scanning, indexing, archiving originals, and logistics.


Solution supports communication within the organization as well as customer relationship management.


Comarch supports the integration of many systems within enterprises (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, EDI and ECM), together with directory services for automatic logging in to the system and presenting the organizational hierarchy.

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