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About Padania Alimenti

Padania Alimenti is a leading Italian producer of milk and dairy products, in particular of dairy cream and fresh microfiltered milk. Established in 1952, the company has firmly maintained the core values that supported its growth from the very beginning, making it one of the main Italian dairy companies. These values include the use of high-quality raw materials, continuously renewed systems and production environment, and special attention to the value chain, by maintaining a close relationship with the land and local product sourcing.


In order to address Padania’s needs, Comarch prepared a portal via which they could easily
communicate all their new product data with various retailers they work with in the whole
territory of Italy:
  • Implementation of data source model
  • More effective use of data exchange for all Padania products
  • Integration with data pool GDSN and external data models
  • Automatic data validation


In the past, Padania Alimenti utilized manual data processing in order to communicate their product data with clients. With new products in the catalog and intense manual work came the need to enforce a master data management system that facilitates the definition of an information repository to offer a 360-degree view of product data, including personal, digital and media, and at the same time allows the distribution of data throughout the company and along the supply chain in a simple and efficient way.

Furthermore, Padania needed to adapt, in a short time, the full technological evolution of the data exchange systems, to meet the demands of their customers in the retail sector. Another crucial point was to introduce and develop a system that goes beyond the standard GS1 GDSN data model, but also to include attributes unique for the sector and specific to the customer, in order to ensure the automatic inclusion of all product data. Thus, Padania looked for a reliable master data management software provider, who can meet and cover these needs in a quick and structured manner.


  • The adoption of Comarch MDM allowed Padania to simplify and significantly improve communication with their business partners, and avoid duplication of data or any manual compilation errors.
  • The system allows them to use different methods of data entry and media upload in order to present them with options from which users can choose.
  • Padania can easily assign user roles, and those users can then create trade item hierarchy based on their own company role and product need. This helped with cost and time reduction of activities and processes.
  •  As Padania had to cover attributes and needs outside the GS1 GDSN model, Comarch, as master data management pioneers, personalized the platform and attributes in order to meet the client needs. This further enhanced their internal processes and helped data enrichment.

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