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About SSP

SSP – The Food Travel Experts - is the leading operator of food and beverage brands: restaurants, bars, cafés, food courts, lounges and retail facilities in travel locations: airports, railway stations and motorway service stations worldwide. SSP has over 60 years unrivalled operational experience, employs over 30,000 people worldwide and serves millions of consumers every day, with turnovers around 2 billion.

Business Challenges

  • With the expanding business activities of SSP Germany it had become difficult to deal with the flood of paperwork. The internal turnaround times, such as approving incoming invoices,were simply taking too long. In addition, all locations carried out inspections in an uncoordinated manner, which resulted in redundantwork and increased the demand for resources.
  • Cooperation with added value for all business partners was the key phrase connected with this project. In addition to central document entry and automatic billing reconciliation, SSP Germany was also focused on improving logistics planning at the supplier level by establishing a uniform ordering system.

Implemented Product

High service quality, speed and flexibility are the hallmarks of the food travel business. SSP Germany – The Food Travel Experts, the leading operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations, uses data exchange and document management systems to support internal processes and business partner communication. With Comarch B2B Network and AP Automation, SSP uses electronic communication channels to keep in touch with business partners in a much faster and cost-effective manner, and to optimize delivery management.

In the future, SSP intends to deliver electronic documents to all of its partners. Out of 3,000 suppliers, Comarch B2B Network will incorporate partners who account for 80% of the total document volume. On the other hand, Comarch AP Automation will also be set up for partners who still provide SSP with documents in hardcopy or pdf formats. The leading operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations has chosen Comarch AP Automation for business partner communication.

Central Invoice Processing

After the introduction of Comarch AP Automation system, the structure of internal processes of SSP has completely changed. The decentralized administration was abandoned and a central organization was implemented in Eschborn. In terms of incoming invoices, the SSP head-quarters in Eschborn, Germany is the regulating unit for all locations and partners. Consequently, all invoices – both electronic and paper – are processed in Eschborn.

The basis of the internal processing is the BPM module in conjunction with the Comarch AP Automation system. Paper invoices, for example, are introduced into the above mentioned workflow system after scanning (pre-scan) and after the control of the completeness and correctness of the accounts.

Using the browser, the accounting department employees can call up and appropriately develop each individual process. For example, they may check assignments and make references to orders. Workflow has been adapted to the individual needs of the company in the way that it integrates the principles of representation and procedures of escalation. Upon completion of processing, an electronic out-put document is generated for the next system.

In addition, it was important for SSP to possess a system that informs about reports, and which could be used to measure the performance cycle of invoices or, for example could allow gain insight into all open processes and missing confirmations of investment applications.

More About The Implemented Product

Comarch e-Invoicing

An innovative and cost-efficient solution for better control of the entire invoice management process. It decreases the workload associated with manual processing, accelerates the acceptance of documents, and collects data entered at every stage of the process.

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  • OPTIMIZATION OF suppplier relations MANAGEMENT
  • QUICK REACTION to partners' inquiries
  • COST SAVINGS associated with exchange of documents between partners
  • Employees, regardless of time and the location of the branch have access to all vital information and the possibility of its internal or external redirection

Remarks from SSP Germany

In order to remain successful in the market, you have to respond to constantly changing challenges and to develop optimal solutions in collaboration with your business partners. It has been obvious for a long time now that the time has come for a breakthrough. In Comarch, we have found an expert partner in electronic data exchange as well as in the processing and saving of hardcopy documents."

Andreas Kühne
Divisional IT-Manager-Central Europe,
Middle East and Asia Pacific

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