Comarch ECM implementation for Ahold Back Office Services

ABOS (Ahold Back Office Services Sp. z o.o.) is a Central European accounting services center, which was set up as a separate legal entity on August 1st, 2005. The ABOS accounting centre is composed of a central office, located in Krakow, and three smaller supporting centres: in Krakow, Brno and Bratislava.

Ahold Back Office Services (ABOS) was formed following the merger of several accounting department companies of Ahold operating in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new company provides comprehensive services such as the processing and analysis of business transactions and preparing financial statements for 13 of Ahold’s companies in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company is now expanding its operations to an accounting center, offering its services to other companies as well. 

Implemented solution

Comarch ECM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems allow a synergistic approach to processes, data and documents. 

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Comarch ECM implementation for Ahold Back Office Services

Customer needs

All invoices issued by Ahold’s central European customers and partners were submitted to 3 regional locations (the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland) and were then transferred by post, or the company’s own vehicles, to units and departments where they were processed (annotation, approval and posting). Before the implementation of the new solutions, all invoices were processed and stored in a distributed system. Ahold did not possess an IT system for recording and supporting the circulation of paper documents. This problem was solved by consolidating the processing services in one unit (ABOS) for the entire company. This resulted in the need to develop a system, and services, that offered tools which would quickly capture and process large volumes of documents (invoices), as well as having them delivered from many European locations and professionally archiving them.


Comarch ECM solution

Comarch implemented the Enterprise Content Management project for ABOS (3 months for Poland, 6 months for other European locations) as part of which the following items were deployed:

  • A system for scanning and archiving paper documents
  • A paper document workflow management system
  • An electronic invoice workflow system based on Comarch ECM
  • A system for archiving and viewing images based on the FileNet platform
  • A module for integrating with ACE Active Directory
  • Modules for integrating with:

     • The cost invoices approval system (LotusNotes)

     • The order verification system (GOLD)

     • The financial and accounting system (PeopleSoft)

     • The EDI system

     • Electronic mail

     • Other IT systems at ABOS/ACE


Components of the implemented solution

Functions of the application

  • Distribution and queuing of tasks between authorized users in accordance with Ahold’s internal procedures and application logic (workflow)
  • Access to documents both in the ECM system and in the Ahold external applications
  • Displaying documents with the option to edit them – zoom in/out, annotate, underline and highlight (later visible to all system users working on the document)
  • Tracking the physical and electronic workflow of documents
  • Monitoring the activity and performance of users
  • Parameterized searches
  • Predefined reports
  • Ordering of logistical services through the Web application
  • Business administration (process management with the option to “break out” of the workflow logic)
  • Synchronizing permissions with the Ahold domain

Logistics services

  • Receiving documents from Ahold locations
  • Unpacking, sorting and scanning
  • Archiving paper documents
  • Transporting documents in addition to additional services
  • Destroying single documents as indicated by users
  • Sending documents back to issuers upon user request
  • Destroying entire batches of documents after the statutory period of storage expiry
  • Archive On-Request delivery (providing archived documents, for example to tax office auditors)

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