Document Management

Effective management of documents, data and business processes


Enterprises today face the challenges of effective and integrated management of information and business processes, and a great proliferation of data and business documents.

Comarch Document Management is based on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, which allows a synergistic approach to documents, data and processes. The company has the ability to register documents regardless of format, to archive them safely, and to access them quickly, particularly in the context of tasks arising from business processes.



  • Central repository for documents
  • Multiple sources of document input (fax, email, scan or upload)
  • Efficient document organization with the use of metadata, tags and categories
  • Data protection, thanks to an extended permission management system
  • Business role system for better protection of key data
  • Access to data and documents from mobile devices

Document Management Benefits

Registration of Documents


Comarch Document Management enables the efficient capture of documents, regardless of their source. In this respect, the system uses:

  • Recognition of unstructured text documents through optical character recognition (OCR) combined with automatic indexing of documents
  • Self-learning OCR engine (no templates)
  • Automatic data imports (file-EDI, and integration with external systems)
  • Upload of documents from disk using drag & drop
  • Mass import of documents
  • Integration with e-mail/fax servers and automatic archiving of attachments to e-mails
  • Integration with MS Office, MS Outlook

Document management system

DMS (Document Management System)


This solution allows the user to organize all types of documents into a single electronic archive, which enables the efficient management and control of documentation while also facilitating easy access to it.

  • Wide range of document organization (different ways of document registration, private/public folders and SmartFolders)
  • Versioning of documents
  • Permission management 
  • Archiving in accordance with legal requirements
  • Renditions – changes of document formats (including for images)
  • Full-text, fuzzy logic and multi-criteria search
  • Integration with MS Office

DMS Document Management System



Comarch Document Management enables reports to be generated based on data from the repository, documents and processes. As a result, companies can easily monitor the effectiveness of processes, and locate and eliminate bottlenecks. Reporting has the following main functionalities:

  • Ready BPM reports in a standard interface
  • Dedicated business intelligence module
  • Extensive data reporting capabilities of documents and processes
  • Regular and on demand reporting
  • OLAP cubes for integration with BI


Managed Services


Implementation of the process of connections with business partners in accordance with the schedule (including information campaigns, webinars and newsletters).


Comarch’s multi-lingual Service Desk team provides reliable support while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Experienced project managers are assigned to the project and oversee the initiation, preparation, execution and closure stages to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed solution.


Comprehensive services for processing paper documents, such as preparing for scanning, scanning, indexing, archiving originals, and logistics.


Solution supports communication within the organization as well as customer relationship management.


Comarch supports the integration of many systems within enterprises (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, EDI and ECM), together with directory services for automatic logging in to the system and presenting the organizational hierarchy.

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