Leading Company in the German and European Food Retailing Sector Starts Extensive e-Invoicing Project with Comarch

Lidl is one more major customer that chooses to implement an e-Invoicing project in cooperation with Comarch – a global manufacturer and supplier of IT products and services.

Belonging to the Schwarz Group headquartered in Neckarsulm (Germany), Lidl is one of the leading companies in food retailing in Germany and Europe. Lidl currently operates over 12,000 stores and more than 200 logistics centers and warehouses in 31 countries.

Lidl will use Comarch’s e-Invoicing as a Service throughout Europe. This flexible solution enables the compliance with legal obligations regarding the e-Invoice exchange, ereporting, e-transport messages as well as topics relevant in the future. Comarch supports Lidl, acting as a strategic partner for the implementation in conformity with the law in all designated countries – even in the voluntary phase before any regulations become mandatory.

Lidl trusts in Comarch’s services, such as connecting to business partners and authorities as well as ensuring document verification, format conversion, data extraction, status reports, and data transfer.

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