Comarch Mobile Insurance Advisor

Comarch Mobile Insurance Advisor is a powerful tool for mobile agents. It covers a whole personalized advisory and sales process of any insurance, with a focus on life, pension & investment products. It is optimized for on-site meetings where internet coverage is not guaranteed. All local installations are frequently monitored and synchronized with the central application. During the synchronization new leads are being downloaded while new insurance proposals and policies are exported to the Policy Administration System.

Key business advantages

Whole sales process covered
by a single tool supporting all agent’s activities during a meeting with potential customers
Process standardization
allowing to follow the most effective and successful sales journeys
Guaranteed professional advisory
thanks to the business rules engine suggesting products adjusted to customer needs
One front-end sales solution
regardless of the number of back-end Policy Administration Systems
‘Bring Your Own Device’ approach
creating a possibility for new agents to use the tool on their own tablets and laptops
Paperless sales process
utilizing digital signature and client data capture with personal ID cards in selected countries
Cost optimization
due to multiplatform approach: one application for all types of devices

Mobile Insurance Advisor modules


Access to all information needed by the user:

  • static or video marketing content about the insurance company
  • static or video marketing content about insurance products
  • MiFID-based legal notes for customer’s notice
  • presentation of salespersons and their competences
  • prospectus on investment funds 


Comprehensive management of customer relations ensured by:

  • dashboard including shortcuts to recent pre-sales activities
  • smooth collection of information about prospects from conversations
  • new lead generation during meetings with prospects
  • contact data of current and potential customers
  • customers and household data, including needs and products


Helpful tools encouraging customers to sign for insurance:

  • flexible storylines about customer’s future life conditions for building awareness of product needs (pension, investment, children education, home, other)
  • needs analysis to collect personal information, identify goals and select matching insurance products and investment funds in line with customer individual investment preferences
  • mandatory MiFID questionnaire smoothly integrated with the customer needs analysis
  • personalized simulations with graphical presentation of the sum assured, long-term projection of the investment account value and fixed costs of additional coverages
  • easy multichannel distribution of offers based on the selected personalized simulations


Quick and easy processing of the proposal:

  • proposals created based on accepted offers enriched with the data on policyholder’s payment and contact data, beneficiary clauses and the PEP questionnaire 
  • underwriting questionnaire filled in with the agent’s assistance or sent to the customer by e-mail or SMS with a web-link, or printed as a hardcopy
  • list of required documents to be delivered by the customer to turn the proposal into the policy
  • offline preview of a complete set of documents to be digitally signed by the customer and agent
  • digital signature to generate a binding proposal

Rich functionality in terms of pre-sales processes

Comarch Mobile Insurance Advisor offers rich functionality in terms of pre-sales processes. Our solution allows for gathering personal, contact or family information about customers – and use them to recommend most suitable insurance or investment products. Comarch Mobile Insurance Advisor also makes simulations and illustrations to let customers fully understand all the benefits and costs of purchasing a given product. Our solution also supports electronic signatures, sending them along with all the information gathered to the policy administration system in order for the policy to be issued.

  • Progressive collection of client data through the whole meeting
  • Smart product selection based on needs analysis & MIFID questionnaire
  • Configurable off-line quotation engine
  • Encrypted local data Storage
  • On-line and off-line Mode
  • Multiplatform architecture for tablets & laptops
  • Touch or keyboard interfaces available
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X supported

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