Comarch Diagnostic Point for insurers

High demand for accessible and convenient healthcare has led to the rapid development of telemedicine services. Among these services are Diagnostic Points which allow to provide patients with proper care – anytime, anywhere.

Comarch Diagnostic Point is the right solution for any medical facility wanting to overcome many challenges medicine faces today. This includes appointment scheduling and availability, overcrowded facilities, lack of time, high costs of treatment, and more.

How does it work?

Who is Comarch Diagnostic Point for?

Everyone 18 years of ageor older

Anyone wanting to control their health regardless of time and place

Patients with specific diseases

Implementation in various branches

  • Insurers – to examine clients onsite before conclusion of a policy agreement
  • Transportation – to enable immediate access to basic examinations in case of a passenger health disturbance mid-flight
  • Retail – to attract more customers with extended holistic offer
  • Corporates – to reduce time and productivity losses for appointments in urgent care facilities

Comarch Diagnostic Point components:

  • Thermometer,
  • blood pressure meter,
  • weight with body composition analyzer,
  • pulse oximeter,
  • peak flow meter,
  • spirometer,
  • glucometer,
  • cholesterol and capillary triglyceride device,
  • ECG event,
  • INR

e-Care Platform – State-of-the-art web system enabling the safe transmission of a patient’s records and analyzing provided data.
This platform supports on-line consultations with medical professionals, available upon prior reservation.

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