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Comarch Network Operations Center (NOC) - is a comprehensive solution as single point of contact with the client, providing technical support for the Monitoring and Service Desk in the area of ​​IT infrastructure and business applications for all types of businesses and institutions.



Comarch Network Operations Center (Comarch NOC) provides:

  • service of monitoring: providing customers with current knowledge on the availability and efficiency of the various elements of their IT infrastructure, operating systems, as well as application platforms. This enables an analysis of their status and an appropriate response to potential incidents or threats. Monitoring provides a complete picture of operation and performance of systems, services, devices and networks, and in the event of incidents affecting the work, the appropriate alerts are generated, which are sent to experienced ICT professionals.
  • service of reporting: generated reports include both technical as well as business parameters. Reporting on technical parameters is based on the data recorded in the monitoring systems. Reporting associated with business parameters is mainly based on data from the Ticket Registration System and applies to defined KPI parameters. The reports are the basis for the client to verify compliance of the performed services with their agreed level defined in the agreement.

network monitoring

NOC - functionalities


Comarch NOC provides monitoring services in the following areas:

  • monitoring of the IT infrastructure
  • monitoring of operating systems
  • monitoring of application platforms


Monitoring systems used at Comarch Network Operations Center allow analysis of the work of such elements as:

  • servers, UNIX / Linux / Windows
  • workstations, UNIX / Linux / Windows
  • devices that cannot be monitored directly via Ethernet, e.g., water sensors, temperature etc.
  • network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.)
  • elements of the operating system
  • middleware
  • virtual environments
  • SAN, LAN, WAN,
  • Oracle database, MS SQL, DB2

Benefits of Network Operations Center

Network monitoring

Network monitoring services use a tool that automatically discovers and constantly monitors all components of your networking equipment and IT services. By a using this special tool, it is possible to monitor devices, services, ports or protocols and analyze traffic on your network. Network monitoring is a essential service for companies of any size and branch.

Network Operations Center Benefits


  • single point of contact makes communication easier and more efficient for the customer
  • 24x7 monitoring of the availability and performance of infrastructure
  • allows the client’s IT staff to focus on other more important activities / projects
  • provides complete information of IT infrastructure performance and enables proactive localization and removal of bottlenecks
  • provides complete reports (monthly and quarterly) on the reliability and stability of the system
  • there are no costs associated with training and certifications of employees
  • functional costs of IT become predictable
  • comprehensive control of the IT environment that allows to make strategic decisions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the NOC?

NOC stands for Network Operations Centre. The term NOC refers to the organizational unit responsible for providing technical support for the Monitoring and Service Desk around IT infrastructure and applications for all types of businesses and institutions. 

2. When is Comarch Network Operations Center available?

Customers may contact the Comarch NOC anytime to report issues, ask questions, or require any general assistance with their service.

3. How can I contact Comarch Network Operations Center (NOC)?

For technical issues with your service, please feel free to contact the Comarch NOC at (0048) 12-684-8815, via fax: (0048) 12-684-8984 or via email at

4. Where is the Comarch NOC located?

The Comarch Network Operations Center is located at Życzkowskiego 21 Street, Krakow, Poland and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  

5. How can I check the status of a request?

At any time and for any reason, you can contact the Comarch Network Operations Center (0048) 12-684-8815 or via email at 

6. When can I expect a follow up response from the NOC?

The NOC performs hourly status checks, at the minimum, on all customer trouble tickets. Callbacks after an incident is done to perform initial diagnosis and to inform customer about how the issue will be fixed. The customer should also expect to receive a status update from the Comarch NOC. How often depends on SLA agreement with each customer. 

7. Can Comarch NOC monitor applications?

Absolutely. One part of our service is application monitoring. Contact us to learn more.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or you would simply like to find out more about our Comarch Network Operations Center, please contact us today.

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