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Hosting for JetBlue Airways

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Belgian Manufacturer of Cleaning Products in Comarch Cloud Implementation at Nicols

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Service Management, Data Centre and Network & Telephony Services for Thomas Cook Group

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Outsourcing of the WAN Network and Hosting for BP

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Hosting for Esselte

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Comarch ICT clients

Comarch ICT services are not only based on world standards and technology partnerships with global market leaders, but also used by all kinds of companies from medium enterprises to multinational corporations from sectors like Retail, FMCG (Consumer Goods), Logistics, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Traveling, Banking, Finance and Electronics. Clients include the following companies: BP, Statoil, Thomas Cook, ESO, Auchan, METRO, Diageo, HEATHROW AIRPORT LIMITED, ING, Heineken, L’Occitane, , X5 and many others. 

ICT in Practice

What are the challenges for ICT markets? Interview with Ryszard Kluza and Łukasz Łacniak Comarch ICT experts

Over the past 20 years, IT outsourcing markets have undergone unprecedented change. Today, ICT innovation, work automation and cloud technologies, such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, are forcing companies to reassess their business strategies, operating models and risk frameworks.

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Valeo Expands Cooperation with Comarch and Starts a Project in Germany

The German branch of Valeo, an international group which specializes in designing car components for leading manufacturers chose the offer of Comarch ICT.

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Threefold Partnership

On 19 January 2017, Łódź hosted another edition of the HPE Authorized Partner Congress, an annual event for business partners of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Comarch ICT services

The implementation of the right solution can be a key enabler of change for your business, allowing you to deliver high-quality services consistently, combined with cost-effectiveness. Comarch ICT is a leading provider of complex, global ICT services that aim to optimize operational and business processes. We have been working closely with our customers for almost 20 years now and created  ICT to answer the growing client demand for consistent and comprehensive solutions for managing the IT infrastructure. Years of experience, knowledge and our own IT infrastructure enable us to provide the highest quality of ICT services.


Comarch ICT solutions

Comarch ICT supports all areas of ICT infrastructure such as data center services, IT integration and outsourcing to contact center and data transmission solutions. These solutions guarantee secure and prompt communication with all partners regardless of a company’s size and IT maturity. We are aware of the importance of trust with our clients and take this very seriously. For these reasons, the security of IT systems iin the Comarch Data Center is our top priority. Our data centers have been designed to meet the top requirements with information accessibility and protection. Regular inspections are conducted by independent auditing companies and our clients confirm the meeting of legal and industry standards for data centers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ICT or information and communications technology?

ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies) is an umbrella term that includes all the technology, communication devices or applications encompassing: integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals), computers as well as necessary enterprise software, satellite systems, middleware, storage, various services and audio-visual systems, which enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information.

2. What is Comarch ICT area of operations?

Comarch is not only a global software provider, but also offers reliable business solutions, IT and outsourcing services related to IT Infrastructure. With many years of experience, multi-skilled certified professionals and their own IT infrastructure Comarch delivers real results to global businesses and provides the highest quality of ICT services. With our world-class ICT services offering comprehensive, flexible, cost efficient and truly smart solutions you can improve your ability to support your business and operating strategy. Comarch ICT offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services – comprising Infrastructure Services, Consulting, Business Process Services, Data Center Services, IT Outsourcing, Service Desk, Network Operation Center, IT Security Services and even more. The company has domain expertise in a broad set of industries, comprising retail & distribution, FMCG (Consumer Goods), banking & financial services, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, logistics, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, traveling and others. 

3. What type of companies does Comarch ICT provide services for?

Simply put, we are heavily prepared for any IT needs your company may have – regardless of industry. Comarch ICT is ready to support operation companies from mid-sized to large enterprises. 

4. Where does Comarch ICT provide services?

Our services are based on the concept of nearshoring – the opposite of the typical outsourcing model in which shared services centers are usually located in distant countries. With access to twelve service centers located all around the world, we are ready to support our clients on a global scale.  

5. Why ICT / IT Infrastructure services are important?

Today, the new ICT landscape is rapidly changing. This relates to outsourcing non-core business activities, process optimization, rethinking infrastructure strategy and maintaining IT infrastructure for delivering measurable business value.  Innovative ICT services should support your business and help become more responsive to your current needs. 

6. Do you use an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?

Yes, we have Non-Disclosure Agreement which we sign at the start of beginning with every interested client.

7. I read the FAQs, but I still have questions that isn’t addressed here. Who do I contact for more information about Comarch ICT?

If you would like to contact us with more comments or questions about Comarch ICT, just fill out the contact form.


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