Comarch Commission & Incentive

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Efficient management of advanced sales networks and incentive compensation plans in insurance companies, banks, telecom operators and other organizations

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Comarch Commission & Incentive is a comprehensive solution dedicated to insurance companies, banks, telecom operators, companies distributing financial products and other organizations with advanced sales networks ensuring efficient incentive compensation management. It supports building extended commission policies and incentive programs for all distribution channels without the software provider’s assistance. It also allows integration of all data related to sales force and smart sales network management.

Key business advantages


All data on sales force and its structure in one place for effective sales network management

Continuous improvement

Optimization of incentive compensation management to increase sales performance

High flexibility

Wide commission rules’ parametrization capabilities


Independent incentive compensation calculation and settlement processes, their frequency and components


Automatic correction of commission calculation process results due to changes in the sales data, algorithms or a network structure

Fast & reliable delivery

Instant access to information on current sales results and due commissions for sales units

Error minimization

Decreased number of incorrect incentive compensation settlements and sales force complaints


Centralized billing process minimizing error sources

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Comarch Commission & Incentive as a comprehensive incentive compensation software supports the realization of tasks and business goals in three main areas:

  • sales force management – supporting the entire salesperson life cycle, from onboarding up to offboarding in compliance to regulatory requirements
  • calculation management – building powerful commission and incentive plans and defining advanced calculation algorithms
  • settlement management – generating settlement documents and detailed information on calculated values for financial & accounting systems



Comarch Commission & Incentive supports any organization with a multilayered sales force structure in effective sales network management and incentive compensation management, along with rich reporting and data repository, as well as fully configurable calculation and settlement processes. Its multi-language, multi-currency and multi-entity approach constitutes a real competitive edge.

The solution is successfully used by leading Polish banks, including, among others, Bank Zachodni WBK (Santander Group) and BNP Paribas, as well as insurers Skandia, Aegon, Link4, Europa (Talanx Group).

Success Stories


Comarch Commission & Incentive at Aegon Services

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