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Comarch is a provider of IT solutions for financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, asset management companies, as well as investment and pension funds. The systems and applications offered by Comarch for the financial market are characterized by high quality, excellent performance and great flexibility. A wide range of solutions allows the precise selection of software that meets client's expectations, preferences and capabilities.

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IT systems for banking

Comarch proprietary IT solutions are dedicated to both retail and corporate banking, as well as to cooperative banks. The offered solutions can also be used in banking start-ups and other institutions operating on the financial market. All stand out for its flexibility and innovation, and above all – high quality and outstanding performance.

IT systems for insurance

Comarch solutions for insurance meet the needs of insurers who demand access to ergonomic and comprehensive tools operating both online and offline. Solutions offered by Comarch support all insurer’s activities including the work of insurance agents and claim adjusters. They are designed to effectively manage the full range of insurance, including life, property and pension.

IT systems for capital markets

We offer multi-module platforms for wealth and asset process management dedicated to capital markets institutions, supporting, among others, private banking and affluent clients. The offer also includes solutions for investment funds, pension funds, brokerages and asset management companies that want to automate the allocation and valuation of assets, meeting legal regulations and risk management policies.

Comarch Cyber Security

Confidentiality – Integrity – Availability

Comarch Cyber Security delivers original software and hardware solutions providing secure management of access, authentication and accountability of operations performed by employees and clients of the financial sector.

The portfolio of Comarch Cyber Security includes solutions for management of identity and public key infrastructure (PKI), which is used for strong authentication of users, to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, as well as secure communications on the network.

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Comarch Global IT Services

Comarch Global IT Services offer comprehensive services for demanding clients who are looking for an efficient, secure and stable IT system. Four main categories of services are available as part of Comarch Global IT Services:

  • IT Outsourcing / Data Center services provide a flexible and reliable managed platform for business applications which consists of a monitoring, administration and maintenance activities and highly scalable infrastructure; the services include data centres, Internet connectivity, private networks, servers, storage, firewalls and load balancing; the standard model provides a solid platform for the company's development and ensures a timely delivery of hosted applications while maintaining the highest quality of service and the highest level of security
  • Community Cloud services are aimed at clients of the financial sector who are required to comply with European Union regulations (including those relating to data protection, the right to audit or business continuity); standard and efficient services in the cloud provide access to a reliable platform (PaaS) and ensure cost flexibility, allowing clients to dynamically adapt to market changes (increase or decrease IT costs) and quickly implement innovative solutions
  • Security & Monitoring services are a response to threats that can occur in hosted and independently controlled IT ecosystems; they are based on Comarch's original solutions and integrated third-party systems; Comarch has been continuously developing its own solutions (Secure Admin) and deploys cutting-edge security technologies to provide customers with the highest level of quality of services and satisfaction (Security Operation Centre)
  • Comarch Big Data platform offers access to analytical technology consisting of business logic, queries and algorithms in order to achieve the best business results; the solution guarantees reliability, scalability, accessible APIs and easy access to innovative and flexible services (Big Data).

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Comarch mobile application for ING Securities investors

Comarch has implemented yet another mobile application for stock market investors – investors holding a brokerage account at ING Securities Brokerage House can now place orders as well as preview their portfolio and stock quotes on mobile devices with Android and iOS via Makler Mobile application.

Comarch Benelux organizes its first internal event in Brussels: Comarch Insurance Breakfast

On Friday, September 18th, Comarch Benelux organizes its first business breakfast at the prestigious Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, in the heart of the European capital. The theme of this inaugural edition is: 'The Future of the Insurance Business – Meet the Tomorrow’s Insurer'.

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