About Comarch Healthcare

The company is a member of Comarch Group. It provides a wide variety of healthcare solutions including, among other things, IT systems for hospitals, software products for radiology and medical record management in medical institutions, cities, and regions. Comarch Healthcare is a supplier of innovative Remote Medical Care solutions that use its own software, equipment, and medical infrastructure.

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Facts & figures on Comarch Healthcare:

More than 80 hospitals use our systems

Every day about 30 000 users log on our systems

More than 200 outpatient facilities use our software

We support healthcare sector 24/7/360

In 2016 2500 patients were covered by our Remote Medical Care

We provide solutions for all medical fields

Comarch Healthcare - headquarter

iMed24 Medical Center

iMed24 Medical Centre, located in Krakow, Poland, is a part of Comarch Healthcare division. The Centre is the natural environment for the development of the company’s solutions for the healthcare market.

Over 100 physicians
Over 30 specialist clinics
20 comfortable doctor's offices
Remote Medical Care services
Medical care 24/7/365

iMed24 Medical Center

The Health City Concept

Read more about an IT service platform comprising a set of collaborating applications and IT systems.

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The Health City concept

m-Health Solutions for Telecoms

Read more about an IT service platform comprising a set of collaborating applications and IT systems.

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mhealth solutions for telecomunication

Electronic Health Record Solutions

Learn more about our systems and applications dedicated for doctors, patients, cities and regions

Remote Medical Center

Solution dedicated to all types of medical facilities that enables offering of medical services remotely. It does not replace traditional healthcare, but is complementary to it, providing an extended range of services without the need for employing additional medical staff, including:

  • Teleconsultations
  • Teleconferences
  • Monitoring Center
  • Safe contact mailbox
  • e-Registration  
  • Remote issuing of prescriptions and referrals
  • Remote issuing of prescriptions and referrals
  • Remote evaluation of laboratory and radiological tests by remote
  • Control whether the patients follow medical guidelines
  • Permanent and quick access to medical documentation
  • Health Log
  • Customized knowledge base for patients

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remote medical center


Telemedicine Solutions

Comarch recognizes that technology should first of all serve people and be a means to improve quality of life. This is why we have created Comarch e-Care, a complex platform for Remote Medical Care, designed primarily to improve comfort of life and give patients requiring medical care a feeling of safety.

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telemedicine software solutions

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