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Comarch ERP – Success in Your Industry and Efficient in Business

Comarch ERP is the ideal ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that want to improve the efficiency of their business processes and simultaneously place high demands on the ergonomics and flexibility of their ERP solution.

Flexibility is a requirement which has to be met by any successful enterprise. IT must not limit such flexibility, but has to support it. Therefore, the system‘s adaptability to company-specific requirements had priority when the system was developed; all processes as well as the interfaces of individual users can be mapped exactly as needed in your daily business. Thanks to web-oriented technology, you can simply start the system from your Internet browser – always and everywhere. Due to corresponding security mechanisms, your data is highly protected at any time, no matter whether you operate Comarch ERP as in-house or SaaS model.

Efficiency means that resources are used optimally. Based on its well-proven, sector-specific processes, Comarch ERP ensures maximum efficiency throughout your company –and beyond that: Benefiting from the collaborative functions in Comarch ERP, you will become the strongest link in your value-added chain. Simply share information and system functionalities with your most important suppliers as well as customers and thus increase cooperation to a yet unknown level.

Ergonomics plays a significant part in contributing to the efficiency of the used ERP software. The user friendly, ergonomic interface of Comarch ERP will considerably help your employees to work with the ERP system. Functionalities such as context search, intelligent feedback mechanisms, hyperlinks, and context tasks enable them to finish their tasks quickly and efficiently. Additionally, numerous assistance mechanisms will reduce the error rate.

Decisions, their quality, and the speed of decision making are most crucial to success or failure in the daily competition at the market. In order to best support the decision making in your company, we have provided Comarch ERP with a web-based business intelligence solution. With this, you can always access current company data in detailed reports and analyses and make sure that you are completely informed about the actual situation.

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