Comarch Optimed NXT

Comarch Optimed NXT

Comarch Optimed NXT supports and facilitates the work of medical personnel. Staff in general practice, on the ward, in the operating theater and in the laboratory all use software with a similar and equally intuitive interface. The system may also be used on mobile devices such as tablets, which provides doctors with access to information about a patient right at the bedside. The identification process is more efficient – just scanning the code on the information band offers quick test referrals, readout of results or administration of medication, and also limits the costs generated by creating hard copy printouts.

comarch optimed NXT - HIS provided by Comarch Healthcare

System advantages

Speed and ease of use

One click is enough to fill in entire forms. Any data gathered from the patient can be used during later activities – by copying information from previous visits


Full configurability permits tailoring documentation, forms and printouts to the specific needs of each clinic, laboratory or ward in a medical facility

Data security

Unique log-ins and passwords entered by facility staff, along with appropriate rights being granted to allow access to selected information, ensure medical data security

User-friendly technology

Web technology ensures easy installation and updating of the application. It is easy to use, and offers personnel a quick introduction about working with the system

comarch optimed NXT - HIS provided by Comarch Healthcare


  • intuitive user interface 
  • view of document revision history 
  • automatically informs users of events in real time
  • application responsiveness
  • fully configurable document templates
  • view of patient data from various periods
  • built-in auto-recording mechanism for all documents
  • enables independent filling in of documents by particular groups of staff
  • built-in dynamic reporting 
  • pre-defined appropriate procedures (ICD9) for any medical document 
  • may be integrated with systems offered by various manufacturers

Areas of use


Health clinics


Doctors’ offices

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