Warehouse Management System

Comarch WMS is a real-time warehouse management system that organizes inventory, orders and shipments for distributors, manufacturers and retailers. It helps to maximize warehouse efficiency by reducing paper flow and automating the warehouse processes like inventory control, shipping and receiving, order fulfillment, and more. Comarch WMS integrates logistics processes and provides tools for all warehouse participants.

Comarch WMS offers the following functions:

  • increased visibility over all the activities in the warehouse,
  • quantity and quality control of the delivered goods,
  • automatic identification (AI) by using barcodes,
  • GS1 standard labels,
  • advanced order picking,
  • automatic or manual assignment of warehouse locations,,
  • traceability of batches and expiry dates management,
  • internal and external inventory stocktaking,
  • support of forwarding, shipments and transportation,
  • integration with carriers.


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