Comarch Exchange Trading system

Comarch Exchange Trading (CXT) is a top-notch system supporting business processes in brokerage houses. It comes with efficient processing of orders and transactions, flexible configuration of markets and instruments, multi-currency financial services for brokerage accounts, and finally – automated bookkeeping of securities and accounting services. The system guarantees compliance with the reporting requirements of capital market regulatory institutions. It consists of the core brokerage system, a web-based application and a mobile application for investors.

Key business advantages

Efficient management of orders and transactions
High-performance algorithmic engine for the automatic generation and execution of orders based on market conditions and analytical indicators
Effective integration with foreign markets and brokers
Option to connect to any external channel, e.g. integration with foreign markets, connecting sell-side with buy-side.
Flexible register and configuration modules
Possibility to define markets, instruments, surveys, commissions and fees
Comprehensive solution for front and back-office processes
Automation of front and back-office operational processes; fast and secure data exchange with stock exchange operators

Comarch Exchange Trading system

The system provides efficient processing of orders and transactions in line with the requirement of best execution, flexible configuration modules and financial services for brokerage accounts. Comarch Exchange Trading is also capable of automated bookkeeping of securities and accounting services. The system ensures online valuation and monitoring of clients’ portfolios, positions and orders.

It also guarantees compliance with reporting requirements of capital market regulatory institutions (MiFID), as well as transparent reporting of investment results for clients. CXT supports operational risk management and reporting, primary market operations and the management of brokerage credit processes.
An important system feature is that it allows for connecting external channels using the FIX protocol (brokers/exchanges).

The main areas covered by Comarch Exchange Trading are:
  • Client management
  • Market & financial data distribution and processing
  • Financial & securities operations
  • Order management
  • Portfolio presentation & reporting
  • Markets & instruments management
  • System monitoring & configuration
Individual investors may take advantage of a web investment platform and mobile application providing access to investor’s portfolio, order placement and online market information.

Core brokerage system

Client management

Definition and management of client service processes, including the creation and management of questionnaires, brokerage accounts, segments and services.

Market data distribution and processing

Access to market data in real time with efficient data processing. The solution can be integrated with stock exchanges and banking systems, e.g. by using the FIX protocol.

Order management

Effective processing of both simple and advanced orders. During order placement, due to the customizable mechanism of pre-transaction risk control, the system provides an adequate level of security and reduces the time it takes for an order to be delivered to the trading platform. The solution has a high-performance engine for placing orders based on market conditions.

Exchange trading

Management & configuration

Portfolio presentation & reporting

Online valuation of client portfolio. The module ensures a review of instruments, performance and current funds in portfolio. Moreover, history of portfolio value, instruments and orders is displayed.

Financial & securities operations

Multi-currency financial support for accounts and securities registers, including operations on securities, followed by the management of issuers' obligations to securities owners. The solution can also manage credit processes, i.e., registering the broker's credit application, placing orders financed by brokerage credit, and credit monitoring.

Market & instrument management

Configuration of markets & instruments ensures tailored support for various markets, market segments and types of instruments, trading schedules and interest tables.

System monitoring & configuration

A comprehensive business processes configuration module, and system monitoring module. These allow for defining: products, commissions, fees and system parameters.

Investment platform

Investment platform

In the self-service channel, investors gain direct access to brokerage accounts, associated operations, orders, stock market transactions, and market information.

An online trading application allows for tracking the stock exchange quotations of financial instruments in real time and analyzing current and past market trends. Personalized instruments list, and quotes overview make it easier to track market situation. Professional charts and graphs present following instrument trends, and help making investments decisions.

The online investment gives access to valuation of client portfolio, especially: instrument valuation, profits/losses and rates of return. Additionally, investors may analyze past charts, performance and financial history. It’s also possible to place an order on the trading platform responding to the best offer.

It also supports the development and realization of individual investment strategies best suited to the investor’s profile. Consequently, the investment platform provides unlimited access to brokerage accounts, stock exchange quotations and immediate order placement.

In addition, online trading ensures fast order placement based on real-time data. As a result of real-time observation of the market situation, investors get to optimize their investment decisions. They may place common and advanced orders like: One Triggers Other, One Cancels Others, Trailing Stop, and basket orders.

Mobile trading application

Mobile trading application

Comarch Mobile Investment meets the expectations of both beginner and experienced investors. It combines the full functionality of a brokerage account with access to dynamic data from financial markets. Mobile trading allows for fast and secure order placement in simplified and advanced modes, ensuring a wide overview of the current portfolio value and market situation.

The application provides quick access to charts, market statistics and technical analysis indicators.

Clients may create securities watch lists and manage alerts in relation to market situation, which facilitates its constant monitoring in terms of user-relevant information.

A crucial part of the application is robo-advisory service. Based on the investor risk profile, client expectations and investment horizon, it defines investment strategies, recommends a model portfolio, ensures the execution of portfolio recommendations and allows to rebalance portfolio to the model. The service is built upon Comarch Wealth Management engine providing users with configuration of strategies, model portfolios, questionnaires, risk profiles, restrictions as well as portfolio rebalancing and monitoring.

For investors’ convenience, we have also created a native mobile application for iOS and Android systems.

Comarch Exchange Trading consists of the core brokerage system and front-end for individual/retail investors. The brokerage system is designed to provide end-to-end support for brokerage houses and  brokerage departments in banks. Front-end for investors includes a web investment platform and mobile trading application. 

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