Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application

Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application helps identify, register, reward and engage your customers through highly personalized and real-time offers anywhere, anytime with minimal effort and minimal cost

We make it easy for customers to access their loyalty accounts, and collect more points while shopping with exclusive offers and coupons available through the application. It also enables you, the operator, to collect more robust data about your customers and their shopping patterns. The intuitive loyalty program application powered by Comarch has embedded gamification mechanics and micro-location based offers to maximize customer engagement.

Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application

Invite your customer in and 'beacon' him or her through your offers and promotions

Invite your customers in and 'beacon' them through offers and promotions

Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile App paired with our new micro-location technology, Comarch Beacon, creates new opportunities for targeted and personalized communication with your loyalty program members.

The mobile app integrated with beacon technology enables you to:

  • attract customers to stores, restaurants and cafés by sending tailored offers and promotions as they pass by.
  • present detailed information about shelf products directly on the customers’ smartphone screen.
  • push a tailored promotion based on customer location – inside the store a Mobile App will prompt your customers every time they pass by a selected shelf or specific point. 

Send customers greetings, notifications, and bonuses just for visiting your store, restaurant or café - even if you have no prior purchase information about the customer. Along with our CLM Mobile App, we developed Comarch Beacon transmitters to provide our clients with dedicated software without the necessity for third-party hardware support. Work is ongoing in connection with augmented reality to use smartphone cameras to display available offers (own and partners) in a form of “pins” on an image displayed on a phone’s screen.

Features of loyalty mobile app


Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile App will help your customers shop smart and allow them to:

  • quickly enroll in a loyalty program.
  • use a virtual loyalty card as a program identifier.
  • opt-in for mobile offers and discounts available only on the app.
  • store favorite forms of payment and allow to use it during the in-store journey or when they would like to pay for fuel directly at the pump.
  • browse the reward catalogue and order rewards.
  • vote and share opinions about rewards.
  • create their own wish list.
  • get directions to  the nearest store and view website information.
  • find exclusive nearby deals from selected program partners.
  • use smartphone cameras and GPS to view geo-targeted offers from nearby businesses in an augmented reality view.
  • share store “check-ins” or redemptions on Facebook and get bonus points.
  • manage program account and check current point balance.
  • view history of all transactions.
  • check personal statistics and view progress bar.
  • fill in a survey in exchange for bonus points.

Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application is available for devices with iOS and Android systems.

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