Industry 4.0 solutions

Global digitalization is changing our lives – our private sphere, but also – and maybe even most of all – our professional lives. This concerns work organization, skills the employees should have, and communication – not only between humans or humans and machines but also between machines. In 20 years, most of the work places will look completely different than now. Also the business models will change. 
In Comarch, we are tracking these changes carefully and we create ERP 4.0 systems – available in the cloud, supplemented with a range of modern solutions such as, e.g. mobile applications, e-commerce tools, business intelligence as well as those compliant with Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 trends. We do all that so the companies that use them are prepared for challenges of tomorrow just now.

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Comarch ERP systems

Each company, regardless of its size or business branch it represents, can find a modern solution among Comarch ERP systems that satisfies its needs.
Explore our ERP 4.0 systems:

  • Comarch ERP Enterprise
  • Comarch ERP Altum
  • Comarch ERP XT

Our customers have a possibility to install the software on their servers or use Comarch Cloud. Within the second option, they are provided with access to advanced IT solutions without necessity to pay costs of own servers, licenses and services associated with it. The offered software is installed on servers in Comarch Data Center – a modern and safe data centers located in Poland, France and Germany.

A modern, mobile company 

In times when most of us use smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, it is a natural consequence that we expect a similar level of intuitiveness and a user-friendly interface from business applications. This applies not only to solutions supporting “soft” areas in a company – trading or contacts with customers, but also to the tools for warehousemen or solutions for maintaining the manufacturing sphere.   

Today, the vision of a production hall employee holding a tablet is becoming a reality. Work of a sales representative, a warehouseman or a manager is no longer limited by their desk and computer, which allows better management of time and achieving measurable results of those people’s work. 

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Effective online sales 

The most natural need which must be satisfied by an ERP system is to provide an online sales channel to retail customers. This expectation is fulfilled by our e-Shop and sales platform – both adjusted to sales of products on mobile devices. Owing to that, Customers of stores operating on our software and the sales platform can make purchases from any place. 

B2B platform makes it easier for companies to exchange information and improve sales through automated process of submitting and processing wholesale orders. Take advantage of Comarch B2B possibilities to remotely maintain a sales network in Business to Business model. 

Our solutions are fully integrated with Comarch ERP systems (Enterprise, ALTUM, XT). Discounts, promotional sets, items along with descriptions and current stock levels are uploaded directly from ERP system into a store. On the other hand, information on, e.g. orders, customers and data for invoices are uploaded from stores to the ERP solution. 

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Move your company to a new dimension 



Comarch beacon device is one of the devices being Comarch response to the growing trend of the Internet of Things.  

Comarch beacon is a miniature wireless transmitter using Bluetooth Low Energy technology for sending a signal within a radius of several dozens of meters. With the use of it, we provide, among others, the possibility to handle Employee’s Presence Schedule in Comarch ERP e-Employee. 

We can also deliver customized devices, owing to which customers can move their manufacturing in Industry 4.0 dimension today. What is important, there is no need to exchange production machines, these only have to be equipped with devices which will be monitoring selected parameters and will send them via wireless or cable communication to the manufacturing modules in order to automate and optimize processes in a company.

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Take care about security of your data 

iBard24 is a professional service for automatic creation of data backup copies in your company. Thanks to our solution, you can archive valuable documents directly from ERP system, invoices, database from finance-warehouse system as well as your e-mail. 

By securing the most important information of your company, you can manage the disk space of employees, which enables easy team work with individual files, and all that is also available through mobile applications for iOS, Windows Phone and Android.  

Thanks to iBard24, your location does not matter anymore and your files will be with you wherever you are. All you need is access to the Internet. 

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Make right decisions 

Analytical part of an ERP system becomes as important as its operational part. Our BI solutions allow easy building of reports and multidimensional analyses referring to all areas of company’s operation. Moreover, a Customer receives a package of several dozens of reports which can be adjusted to his or her company’s specifics and on the basis of results of the analyses, it is possible to run automatic BPM processes, which translates into actual savings and rationalization of work time. 

By using our solutions, a company may compare its results not only with its own historical data, but also with results of other businesses or data from the Central Statistical Office. Such type of information is a real value for a company and it helps making decisions based on actual data. 

Business Intelligence solutions 


Automate repetitive processes 

Comarch Business Process Management is a modern system designed for modeling and managing business processes. Built on the basis of 20 years of Comarch experience in Poland and on foreign markets it allows our Customers to use predefined processes which can be easily modified according to the needs of each company.  

Our BPM solutions contribute to increasing effectiveness of each company by translating into automation of repetitive business processes and more efficient coordination of cooperation among employees. Moreover, integration with Comarch ERP systems additionally decreases costs and reduces work time. 

Business Process Management solutions


We are building community of our Customers 

Our Customers and Partners are provided with completely new opportunities for interacting with Comarch. Owing to Comarch ERP Community, entrepreneurs have a place where they can exchange knowledge and experience, as well as ask question and report their suggestions. 

The community connects entrepreneurs – Customers and Comarch Partners. Its members may share their knowledge, experience and propose suggestions concerning our solutions. 

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