Two types of EDI implementation - Web and Integration

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EDI technology can be used by every company in the world - regardless of its size or technological maturity. Making the shift towards using an EDI platform can help businesses share large volumes of documents and process numerous transactions with multiple partners simultaneously

And because of the ongoing cloud computing revolution, today's companies are no longer required to buy, install and configure EDI hardware and software. Instead, they can use a web-based, cloud-driven EDI platform. The choice depends solely on their needs and requirements. 

Here's what makes the traditional EDI system different from the cloud-based Web application. 

The "Classic" EDI integration

The "Classic" EDI integration

  • Various communications protocols (e.g. SFTP, AS2, FTP/VPN, OFTP, and WebService),
  • Any-to-any format mappings (support for multiple formats, e.g. XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, TRADACOM, ODETTE, VDA, X12, HIPAA)
  • We (the provider) do data mapping for you so that you exchange documents via our platform using only predefined and pre-agreed file formats
  • We're also responsible for working with each of your customers in terms of testing, certification, and EDI onboarding
  • You get access to our Tracking & Reporting modules for improving transparency across all document exchange processes 


  • Allows you to send and receive documents via a user-friendly web application
  • Includes predefined workflows, PO flips, and many other features to ensure smooth and fast data exchange
  • It's designed to meet all of your partners' requirements - no matter their size, industry, or technological maturity
  • It won't allow you to send incorrect documents, marking the areas where information is missing 
  • It will automatically complete some parts of your web forms using data collected from pricing, product, and localization catalogs 
  • The platform will send you e-mail notifications whenever a new document appears in the system

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Comprehensive management of the process of integration and communication with business partners carried out by Comarch specialists in accordance with the assumed schedule.


Comarch’s multi-lingual, highly experienced Service Desk team provides practical support while maintaining the highest quality of standards.


Experienced managers are being assigned to specific projects so they could supervise every stage of the implementation process - the initiation, preparation, execution, and finalization - and make sure that the end configuration meets your company's needs.

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