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Comarch EDI Network - What is it, exactly?

Comarch is a global powerhouse that provides companies from all industries - retail, automotive, pharma, oil & gas, logistics, airlines, manufacturing, and many others - with highly advanced electronic data and document exchange services. Having both many years of experience and dozens of offices all around the world, we can successfully carry out simple to complex international EDI and e-Invoicing projects anywhere and anytime.

Today, our EDI network unites more than 130,000 entities from 50 different countries. And each year, all of them combined exchange over 650 million documents with their business partners. Such a large number of customers - as well as our extensive network made of hundreds of interoperable connections - are your guarantee that we can help you, too, improve your data efficiency and drive better results.

Global coverage

More than 25 years of experience in the implementation of international projects

Global coverage

Taking a comprehensive approach


  • A comprehensive approach to supply chain processes, based on the integration of Comarch EDI with other Comarch products for data exchange and document management (Comarch e-Invoicing, Comarch MDM, Comarch OD)
  • Solutions using our own software – scalable and customizable cloud-based platforms that go in line with the client’s business needs
  • Offices and data centers located all over the world, ready to provide high-quality international services


  • A Long-term presence in various reports done by analysts from the IT industry: Gartner, Forrester, Billentis, POI
  • Certified solutions confirmed by international accreditations: ISO quality certificates, TIER 3 Data Centers, PEPPOL Access Point Provider, GDSN and many others


  • Solutions that are fully compliant with legal requirements in 60+ countries (including communication with governmental platforms)
  • Global partnerships with GS1, EESPA, PEPPOL, VeR (Verband Elektronische Rechnung), and others
  • A vast network of interconnections, with a constantly growing number of partners


  • Ensuring compliance with various industrial standards and local requirements (e.g. GS1 eCom/GDSN for retail and healthcare, VDA for automotive, UBL for public administration, and IATA for airlines)

Providing the right support every step of the way

During the implementation of an EDI or E-Invoicing project, our clients get full support from our highly qualified operational team. Each project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager who makes sure that the implementation process is carried out smoothly, including the procedure of connecting one's partners to the platform (EDI Onboarding). Technical support for all of the client’s business partners, regardless of the country in which they operate, is provided by a multi-language Service Desk.


Start your digital transformation journey with our support


Comprehensive management of the process of integration and communication with business partners carried out by Comarch specialists in accordance with the assumed schedule.


Comarch’s multi-lingual, highly experienced Service Desk team provides practical support while maintaining the highest quality of standards.


Experienced managers are being assigned to specific projects so they could supervise every stage of the implementation process - the initiation, preparation, execution, and finalization - and make sure that the end configuration meets your company's needs.

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