EDI Monitoring Tools

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Control the flow of documents exchanged with your trading partners 

What are our EDI Monitoring Tools, exactly?

With our EDI Monitoring Tools, not only do you get instant access to your business data, but you can also monitor the statuses of your information exchange processes. With Comarch EDI, you have complete control over all documents (including purchase orders, invoices, dispatch notes, sales reports) and the way they are shared with your business partners and clients. 

Thanks to its intuitive, modern interface, you can quickly identify and follow specific document flows and make necessary adjustments. With many filtering and configuration options, Comarch EDI makes data exchange monitoring effortless. But that's not all.

Using Comarch EDI Monitoring Tools, you can generate in-depth reports to identify areas of opportunity so you can improve your business relations and optimize your document exchange processes even more. 

EDI tracking tool

Main features


Our EDI tracking tool allows you to segregate your documents using labels that you can assign to each file. Additionally, you can add a comment in the document and keep the history of all changes.

What is more, you can search for documents using various filters, including document status, assigned labels, and including comments. You can also check the document in the input and output format and easily compare your and your partner's document versions without any mapping rules.

Tracking and Reporting


Using our reporting module, you can quickly create a detailed report concerning a particular set of documents by selecting them and defining the types of information the report needs to include. And don't worry - we've created dedicated, user-friendly widgets so that you can keep an eye on what's going on with your documents. 

Plus, you can set up notifications, for example, so you can get an e-mail if a given document cannot be sent. You can also use choose the option of generating and sending you periodic reports on your e-mail address. 

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