The Client

With a revenue of more than €15 billion, STRABAG is one of Europe's leading technology groups for construction services. The company's portfolio includes all areas of the construction industry and covers the entire construction value chain.

Facts and figures:

  • Client: Strabag SE
  • Branch: Construction company
  • Revenue: EUR 15.4 billion (2020)
  • No. of employees: 74,340 employees (2020)
  • Website:

The Challenge

STRABAG had to create the conditions to offer not only a predominantly paper-based exchange of invoices with business partners, but also the email transmission of invoice documents and electronic exchange of invoice data in a structured and standardized manner in the European Group countries. One particular challenge is to implement the respective national regulations on invoice exchange in the individual Group countries in accordance with the law.

Moreover, it was necessary to take into account the fact that the changeover to invoice transmission to public-sector customers in a data record format that conforms to the EU standard, as required at B2G1 level in the EU, had to be solved optimally - extended by country-specific requirements of the individual EU Member States.

1 B2B means business-to-business, and B2G means business-to-government.

The Decision

STRABAG has commissioned the globally active IT manufacturer and service provider Comarch to implement a solution for e-invoicing.

"STRABAG chose Comarch because the IT provider can draw on comprehensive expertise and extensive experience in various industries and countries in the field of data exchange and e-invoicing. The products used are fully tailored to our needs and enable STRABAG to meet all current and future requirements for electronic invoice (data) exchange." says the project manager at STRABAG.

The Project

STRABAG has implemented Comarch EDI and Comarch E-Invoicing for the electronic exchange of invoices. Comarch guarantees compliance with all legal requirements in 17 EU countries at B2B and B2G levels.

The focus was on the exchange of electronic invoices, including the establishment of the associated technical infrastructure and organization. In order to quickly increase the volume of digital invoices, the first step was to implement PDF invoices via email.

Furthermore, the focus is permanently on B2G invoices, as there are legal requirements that must be complied with. After consulting with STRABAG on specific countries, Comarch takes care of the timely integration and implementation of country-specific formats and transmission channels.

As a further step in the project, B2B invoices are also to be implemented as a structured data record (EDI or XML). This functionality will be pushed until the end of 2021, the clear goal being to integrate only business partners with large invoice volumes (number of invoices).


Communication between Comarch and STRABAG takes place via an SFTP server provided by STRABAG. The exchange of invoice data with the STRABAG ERP system is handled via a standard in-house interface. Thus, there is a central interface that can transfer all invoice data from a wide variety of formats.

Due to the heterogeneous business partner structure at STRABAG, a simple variant of "onboarding" was chosen. If the conditions according to STRABAG's e-invoicing website are met, the PDF process is available to every B2B business partner without any additional agreement.

Using Comarch's self-onboarding platform, B2B business partners can integrate into the e-invoicing process should they wish to exchange a structured data set (EDI or XML). It is then possible to exchange electronic invoices quickly and smoothly via secured communication channels. This integration should be convenient and resource-saving for business partners and STRABAG.



  • The ambitious project plan made it possible to start the e-invoicing process in the DACH1 region within 10 months of project initiation. The Czech Republic and Slovakia followed at the end of 2020 and in the course of 2021 further Group countries will participate in STRABAG's e-invoicing.

    1 DACH includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • This was possible due to the structured and professional cooperation with Comarch. The implementation of electronic invoice exchange with Comarch EDI offers numerous advantages. Processes that were previously paper-based are gradually being digitized. E-invoicing is used for incoming and outgoing invoices, and is fully integrated into the existing ERP system at STRABAG.
  • "Furthermore, Comarch is a certified PEPPOL Access Point and enables STRABAG to exchange electronic invoices with public institutions in accordance with EU law. This ensures legal certainty for the exchange of invoices at STRABAG." says the project manager at STRABAG.

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