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BP is one of the major global energy companies that supply vehicle fuels and energy for heating and lighting purposes. The company employs more than 74 000 people in over 70 countries worldwide, including almost 4 000 employees in Poland. BP Polska began its operation in 1991, and since then has become the leader among foreign petroleum consortia in Poland. With its first service station opened in 1995, the company now runs 500 stations across the country.


The EDI project was introduced to BP in 2006. The Comarch EDI platform was enhanced with additional modules for processing documents from the BP system. After thorough tests with a selected partner, the (EDI) electronic data interchange system was launched. In 2008, along with logistical changes within the BP chain the project was implemented using standard Comarch EDI platform modules.

To ensure effective collaboration between BP and its business partners, as well as control over the SLA established for trade processes, the next stage of the project involved development of the Comarch Tracking module. Conformity with the model plan of orders is verified using the order placement schedule for each station. Additionally, the application provides a full preview of document transmissions, which allows users to check precisely when orders are delivered to business partners

EDI project

In 2009, the project was expanded by adding new document types: ASN (advanced shipping notice), CASN (confirmed ASN) and DISRE (discrepancy report).

In 2014, the average monthly number of documents transmitted by means of EDI reached ca. 60 000. In the near future it is planned to launch electronic invoicing with support for electronic archiving well as the introduction of electronic inventory reports (stock monitoring).
Comarch’s comprehensive and customer-oriented approach combined with its highly effective collaboration with BP resulted in a quick implementation of the electronic data interchange processes. By adapting the Comarch EDI system to the way BP service stations work, BP has achieved noticeable improvements in the order placement system, and the system itself can be monitored for possible errors

Comarch EDI

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