RB-7-2014 Registration of Increase in Comarch S.A. Share Capital

Pursuant to &5 sec. 1 pt. 9) of the Regulation issued by the Minister of Finance on the 19th of February, 2009 concerning current and periodical information pertaining to companies traded on the stock exchange and on the conditions for recognizing the equivalence of information required by legal regulations binding in a country which is not a member state, Comarch S.A.’s Management Board announced that received notice dated the 31st of March, 2014, concerning registration by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście, XI Economic Division of the National Court Register of increase in the company’s share capital to the amount of  PLN 8,125,590.00. After this increase the company’s share capital is divided into 8,125,590 shares. It corresponds to 15,119,190 votes at the company’s AGM.
Comarch S.A.’s share capital consists of:
1) 864,800 series A registered preference shares,
2) 75,200 series A ordinary bearer shares,
3) 883,600 series B registered preference shares,
4) 56,400 series B ordinary bearer shares,
5) 3,008,000 series C ordinary bearer shares,
6) 1,200,000 series D ordinary bearer shares,
7) 638,600 series E ordinary bearer shares,
8) 125,787 series G ordinary bearer shares,
9) 102,708 series G3 ordinary bearer shares,
10) 563,675 series H ordinary bearer shares,
11) 441,826 series I2 ordinary bearer shares,
12) 91,041 series J2 ordinary bearer shares,
13) 73,953 series K3 ordinary bearer shares.