Enhance Your Business with the Dual Power of CLM and ECM

Nowadays, the highly competitive character of the market, never-ending technology development and marketing overabundance result in companies having to face considerable challenges.

Bussines Intelligence

How to Get to Know Your Customers? Comarch Bussines Intelligence

One of the most valuable characteristics, that not only determines the success but also that sets apart a superior expert, is the ability to observe the changing reality of the market, acknowledge the trends and adapt them to the specific field through applying them to the business tools.

Loyalty program benefits

The phenomenal benefits of loyalty programs

Nowadays, loyalty programs are a commonly widespread practice as their effectiveness and viable advantages have made them a necessity within advanced marketing strategies.

Cooperation With BP

Comarch’s Long-Standing Cooperation With BP

Although we highly value all of our clients and we are excited for every business venture that we engage in, the long-lasting and continually growing cooperative projects are the most gratifying and those that we take special pride in.


Success Story - Comarch’s Remarkable Partnership With JetBlue Airways

We strive to create solutions that will not only meet the expectations of the best globally renowned brands, but will also elevate the meaning of loyalty, – introduce a brand new quality and in the end give outstanding results.


Comarch's Role in the New Major Investment of Norwegian Reward

We are pleased to announce that Norwegian Reward signed an agreement with Comarch for their new investment, which is a crucial stride to provide additional benefits for passengers worldwide.


The Numerous Benefits of the Crew Application

Frequent flyer programs have been an extensively widespread practice in the travel industry for many years.


How to Effectively Face the Challenges While Planning, Setting and Managing Marketing Campaigns

In the age of an extremely competitive market, ubiquitous commercial content and- in consequence- the constant growth of customers’ expectations, marketers need to face a multitude of challenges in order to successfully reach their potential clientele.


The Supreme Association of Gamification and the Internet Of Things (IoT)

It is not a secret, that in the era of the technological prime building a meaningful and solid customer relationship is exceptionally challenging and requires a plethora of constantly cultivated and strategically synchronised actions.


The Evolution and the Future of Airport

What makes Comarch a superior expert of the IT industry is the ability of envisioning the future direction of the technological development, its arising opportunities and created business needs.

Smart City Solution

The Brilliant Combination of Geolocation Technology, Internet of Things and Loyalty as a Recipe for the Smart City Solution

As a cutting-edge IT company, we make sure not only to keep up with the current trends, but more importantly we strive to set new directions with our innovative solutions.

Interview With Comarch's Loyalty Experts

A Valuable Interview With Comarch's Loyalty Experts

The constantly changing customer loyalty and IT market raises numerous issues. Customer journey tracking, targeted rewards, unintrusive massages, beacons, location-based services are only some of the challenges.