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With tailored solution dedicated to companies in the transport and tourism sector, particularly airlines, the platform helps build and manage different models of loyalty programs targeted on individual members as well as on B2B customers.



Over the past three decades Frequent Flyer Programs have been an inseparable part of the airline industry’s image. Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition is a new generation system that supports FFP's. This modular application enables smooth management of all kinds of loyalty programs, for any type of airline.

The product also supports loyalty programs for other travel operators such as airports, car rentals, railways and hotels.

Airline loyalty programs, Loyalty Travel Edition


Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition is an enterprise-class application that powers any loyalty program within the travel industry including both standalone, multi-partner and coalition programs. The product consists of eight modules that can easily be joined together. 

  • Straightforward tools for the management and administration of a loyalty program
  • Available through a user-friendly web interface
  • Flexible definition of business rules in terms of: tenders (points, miles), accrual, redemption, promotion and elite tiers
  • Rudimentary report generation capabilities, without the necessity of employing business intelligence software
  • Meets the needs of the program's multi-partner environment
  • Provides program partners with relevant data and tools for program parameterization through a B2P portal
  • Delivers advanced reporting features including multi-party clearing and invoicing mechanisms
  • Access to the application provided from any location via a secure web interface
  • Assures smooth exchange of data with program partners and other third-party counterparts
  • Advantageous in regard to coalition programs or FFP operators who exchange bulk data files with external IT environments
  • Offers servicing program members via a variety of channels
  • Supports both inbound and outbound interactions with all customers by the use of operators
  • Enables the study of the traveler’s sensitivity to promotions, advertisements or special initiatives
  • Possible to use from any location via secure internet access
  • Designed for members where they can check their account balance and transactions history, order rewards (discounts, tickets, upgrades and others) and view current promotions
  • Offers options related to interactions between the program operator and program participants including enrollment features, automatic retro-claims and a mileage calculator
  • Developed with special attention paid to the informative requirements of program members
  • Allows viewing account information via a mobile device - smartphone or tablet - and managing it
  • Dedicated toward cashiers in retail outlets 
  • Tablet application can replace integration with POS terminal 
  • Allows for accrual, redemption and quick program enrollment - all actions performed at the register
  • Responsible for managing reward logistics by storing appropriate information about the quantity, location and status of sent rewards
  • Access to the application provided from any location via a secure Web interface

Offer special benefits to your high value passengers

Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application together with our new micro-location technology Comarch Beacon opens up completely new opportunities for targeted and personalized communication with your Frequent Flyer members.

Using the Beacon placed at the airport past the security control, CLM Mobile Application can invite Elite Tier members to the Business Lounge and also offer them exclusive promotions from airport partners. While generating the offer, we can exploit all our knowledge about purchasing decisions accumulated in the Comarch Loyalty Management platform, so you can choose the offer that best suits the individual passenger profile. 

Special benefits of airline loyalty programs

Keep your passengers informed and on time


  • Using the Beacon signal, CLM Mobile Application can estimate where the departing passengers are located and prompt dedicated real-time messages related to the incoming flight on their smartphones. The information would incorporate boarding time, departure time and gate number (*). Based on the time and location of the passenger the notification 'go to gate' might be triggered.


  • Using the Beacon signal from the devices located at the arriving hall of the airport, CLM Mobile Application can provide passengers with information like which luggage carousel their baggage will arrive on and what is the expected wait time*.

*If CLM Mobile Application is connected to SITA Common Use Beacon Registry no further integration is needed

Inform your passengers with frequent flyer programs


  • Travel industry's tailored solution: Powering specific to the industry accrual, redemption rules, elite tier privileges and a smooth exchange of data with numerous partners – these are just a few selected features that make Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition a tailored product for travel operators.
  • Adaptable to various needs - Benefitting from Comarch's experience gained from various markets, Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition will power any loyalty program in the travel industry, including standalone, multi-partner and coalition programs focused either on business or leisure travelers.
  • Flexible platform - The scalable architecture makes it possible to continuously expand alongside growth of the loyalty program, including introducing new program partners and new system functionalities.
  • Modern solution - Always up to date with the latest trends, Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition provides integration with social media and offers a dedicated mobile application. 

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