About us

The Public Administration, Utilities and Local Government Business Unit (BU) specializes in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT solutions for state administration offices, local government and the water, gas and electricity supply markets.

With the changes underway in Polish public administration in sharp focus, Comarch has produced a series of E-government solutions dedicated to meeting the specific needs of public sector agencies. We are confident that these new technologies can contribute to making public administration processes more transparent and efficient. Every one of our solutions has been developed according to the most recent and advanced international standards and is implemented by a team of the most accomplished specialists. Comarch’s leading public administration and utilities solutions:

  • Comarch E-Office – this is a web solution specially designed to streamline contact between government offices and their customers and operates in compliance with the laws on submitting and signing electronic documents
  • Comarch ERP Egeria– this integrated IT system is a tool that delivers greater efficiency to the management of institutions, while offering the broad-based, decision-making support that is essential to the effective operation of every public sector office
  • Comarch Education – this is an advanced IT solution that supports teaching and learning and uses the Internet as the site and medium for the communication of all the parties involved
  • Comarch Document & Workflow Management – this is an advanced document flow management system for an organization
  • Hardware Infrastructure and Software Supplied as Standard – these form an integral part of the internal processes at every organization. Comarch has partnership agreements with the largest IT producers and distributors and offers solutions for network design and construction, infrastructure and software supply, and system integration as well as management solutions for entire infrastructures that can also be provided according to the outsourcing model.