Mobile Application

Mobile application can act as the central digital touch point for passengers and airport visitors.


An intuitive mobile solution will help travelers in all activities related to the time passenger spends at the airport from travelling to the airport, checking-in, security screening, shopping, dining, or waiting for a flight at the gate.

Discover all benefits that are available to passengers at the airport and secure the comfort for them during a trip thanks to relevant information available in a timely manner.


  • Booking & journey to the airport
  • Stay, departure & arrival
  • Conclusion of travel
  • mobile navigation
  • recommendation & selection of public transportation routes
  • public transportation timetables
  • parking information & booking
  • remaining distance and travel time calculation
  • departure/arrival info
  • boarding cards
  • online-check-in
  • indoor maps
  • weather forecast & travel advice on destination
  • view detailed offer of airport shops, restaurants and service points
  • loyalty program offers & benefits
  • hotel reservation
  • currency calculator
  • activation of Wi-fi access
  • mobile payment
  • information on luggage carousel number and expected waiting time
  • security waiting time
  • passport control waiting time
  • taxi reservation
  • public transport timetables
  • service feedback



  • one-to-one dialogue with travelers
  • direct promotion channel
  • dedicated, contextual offers for passengers
  • promotion of businesses located at the airport
  • easy & convenient access to all information regarding the journey
  • notifications reducing the likelihood of no-shows at gates
  • quick search of products and services offered at the airport

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