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Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile App together with our new micro-location technology Comarch Beacon opens up completely new opportunities for targeted and personalized communication with your loyalty program members.



With the use of Comarch Loyalty Management slightly integrated with Beacons technology you can:

Provide passengers with relevant information

  • provide departing passengers with information about changes in boarding and departure time and gate number on their smartphones 
  • display for arriving passengers information on the luggage carousel number and expected waiting time
  • provide airport visitors with the location of their friends and family at the airport

Reward customers

  • give discounts on lounges, free Wi-fi access or priority boarding
  • offer bonuses
  • just for visiting a specific store or for going to the particular place
  • prompt a message with a possibility to get a reward for completing  some quest (mini game as a part of the customer engagement strategy)

Identify airport visitors

  • locate the Elite Tier members when they pass the Beacon by the entrance of the Business Lounge
  • identify who the passengers are, welcome them individually and treat them according to their member status

Target personalized messages and mobile offers

  • send dedicated offers from Duty Free shops, retail outlets or airport services on the passenger mobile while moving through a specific place

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