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Comarch has prioritized information security solutions starting from its very first IT project in the mid-nineties. Ever since the World Wide Web emerged, online data has been exposed to the risk of interception or damage, so ensuring the data is as secure as it gets became essential. Such goal is thus pursued by us as early as in the software design phase.

Two key elements of IT security solutions are strong user authentication and authorization. The former confirms user identity, while the latter grants the user access to a given resource at specific times and for specific reasons. This is what we work on – and excel at.

We can say so because Comarch caters to most of financial market entities in Poland: Bank Pekao SA, Bank ING, Raiffeisen Bank, BNP Paribas, PKO BP, DNB Nord, or DZ Bank.

In 2007, we have expanded our offer in terms of security tools – by our own hardware, made 100% in Europe.

Our flagship products, described in more detail below, are Comarch tPro ECC, a USB token generating digital signatures based on elliptic curves cryptography – in less than a second – and Comarch IAM, an identity and access management tool that provides wide control over access to company applications. 

Our clients

  • So far we have sold over 1 million proprietary smartcards.
  • Thanks to our solutions approximately 2.5 million operations on securities can be processed per year.
  • Over 1 million authorized users use Comarch Identity & Access Management solution per day.
  • Every hour over 2 million PKI certificate requests are submitted.

Our competences have been confirmed by international certificates

It is vital for every company to regularly check the security of its applications to eliminate potential vulnerabilities which enable hackers to easily access, alter and steal sensitive business data.

This is why, for us, building software is one thing, the other one revolves around consultancy projects whose aim is to double-check whether your IT security is solid. Our experts can:

  • identify your company’s security gaps and critical vulnerabilities
  • determine attack vectors that expose you to probable threats and breaches
  • ensure your compliance with industry security standards
  • On the basis of those audits our consultants prepare and deliver the best possible IT security solution to protect your resources.

Comarch Cyber Security Professional Services are rendered by highly qualified engineers with wide experience in developing and implementing security policies that comply with international standards (COBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, MODAF, DoDAF, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, SABSA).

We specialize in application audits, penetration tests, and compliance & in-project security advisory.

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