Why should security not be underestimated?

Every year, we experience new methods used by cybercriminals. Companies and government agencies are doing their best to resist the wave of attacks, but at the same time hackers are trying to empty the bank accounts of ordinary citizens – in 2022 alone, 55,000 cyberattacks were registered in Poland. Reliable protection against digital threats is becoming an essential need. How can we secure our accounts and confidential data?

Here are some tips from the Comarch Cyber Security team:

1. Use a VPN to protect yourself from hackers

Public Wi-Fi networks do not require authentication, making all devices connected to them easy prey for hackers. If you need the internet, it’s better to connect your laptop to a 4G/5G mobile network by enabling tethering on your phone. To further strengthen your protection, it is best to use a virtual private network (VPN) as your personal gateway.

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2. Take appropriate action to ensure the security of your account

Constant data leaks and security incidents prove that using only a password is insufficient to secure access to the account.

Use two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) when logging into services and other online resources – each time you log in, you need to enter additional codes from the application, SMS messages, or scan your fingerprint or retina. This may be a nuisance, but it is worth accepting minor inconveniences to maximize data security.

3. Encryption is another way to protect your data online

Some of our information is already encrypted. This is the practice of some organizations that process your personal data – for example banks, whose websites use SSL and TLS encryption. If there is a padlock at the beginning of your browser address bar, the connection between your browser and the server is encrypted. However, if you fill out an online form on a site that doesn’t provide protection, hackers can install malware into the host server to eavesdrop your conversations and steal your data.

Learn about our comprehensive authentication solutions that will help your customers to act effectively in the face of growing waves of cyberattacks.

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