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In the era of numerous cyber threats, we offer a modern security platform designed for strong user authentication and operation authorization: Comarch tPro family cooperating with Comarch IAM Authentication Server on the back-end. The solution, offered both in the cloud and on-premises models, is designed for SMEs. It allows them to maintain accountability, secure service access (2FA), and sign documents online.

tPro is a response to the surging wave of attacks, also aimed at corporate accounts and remote services.

 One of the most effective methods of protecting access to such services are 2FA tools in the form of hardware tokens or advanced mobile solutions. Particularly noteworthy are those that guarantee the incontestability of data presented and effectively protect user cryptographic material. This type of solution is offered by Comarch both in the form of a hardware token (tPro ECC) and an advanced mobile application (tPro Mobile).

tpro token

tPro ECC solution

The tPro ECC solution is a hardware token based on elliptic curves cryptography. It is equipped with an HPD (Human Presence Detection) mechanism allowing for protection against remote attacks. Its authentication process requires the user to press a button located on the token’s housing. A universal communication protocol with a web browser, designed especially for this purpose, does not require the installation of additional plugins.

tPro Mobile solution

In combination with Comarch IAM Authentication Server, tPro Mobile supports digital signing of documents, thanks to which they are protected against unauthorized change. The documents may be invoices or other fiscal documents.

Integration with tPro family solutions can be implemented on three layers:

  • Business layer
  • Network layer
  • Application layer

Such division allows for quick and convenient integration even in the case of already existing applications. Additionally, tPro Mobile is also offered as a collection of tPro MobileSDK programming libraries. This makes it possible to add a security layer to the existing applications while retaining all tPro’s advantages.

tPro's advantages include:

What You See Is What You Sign
Asymmetric ECC cryptography for server connection
Use of TPM in the cryptographic security phase
Compatibility with RTS (PSD-2)
Anti-tampering mechanism (threat detection in the runtime environment)

Comarch IAM Authentication Server

Together with Comarch IAM Authentication Server, the products of the tPro family constitute a ready-made, comprehensive solution for securing authentication and authentication operations, providing effective protection against attacks such as:

  • Phishing
  • Man-in-the-middle
  • Man-in-the-browser
  • Compromised credentials
  • Remote attacks

In addition, the security platform offered by Comarch provides:

  1. Support for a variety of authentication methods, such as:
    •  static passwords,
    •  X.509 certificates,
    •  software and hardware cryptographic tokens (amongst others tPro family),
    •  OTP tokens.
  2. Token life cycle management
  3. Support for biometric validation methods
  4. Integration with RADIUS interfaces and LDAP protocols
  5. Integration with SIEM tools
  6. File signing Strong client authentication compatible with PSD-2
  7. Anti-tampering mechanism (runtime environment analysis)

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