GDPR Services

General Data Protection Regulation Audits

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is to guarantee "data protection by design", which means making the protection a vital element of the development of products and services.

We can help you ensure that it is so in your case. As a result, your company will receive professional assistance in planning the implementation of a major change in business operation.

This is how we go about it:

  • STAGE 1 – preliminary system evaluation (3-5 days)

We strive to get a clear view of your operations in terms of: security and privacy by design, information duties and procedures, methods of data collection, breach notification schemes, exercise of individual rights or data portability. Based on that, we make draft recommendations for how to effectively fulfill GDPR requirements.

  • STAGE 2 – preparation to securing the data (2-4 weeks)

We inspect the maturity of the systems used in personal data processing and carry out risk analysis according to Comarch's internal process templates. This revolves around IT topics like encryption, data backup, logging, UserID operations, and non-IT ones like physical security and document lifecycle. We then discuss draft recommendations specified in Stage 1 with you, propose concrete IT solutions, and draw a roadmap for achieving GDPR compliance.


100% sure that you’re ready for GDPR?

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Areas that we examine

Comarch risk assesment services

Wrapping your head around all the intricacies of GDPR – and whether your business is in line with it – may be a little overwhelming. But we can help you do that as well.

Our help consists in both preparation and implementation of personal data protection procedures as well as fine-tuning your security policies.

Components of our services:

  • Proven risk analysis schemas
  • Required document templates
  • Examples of correct procedures
  • Assistance in preparing risk analysis forms, security policies and personal data protection procedures
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