Security Devices

What are Security Devices?

Comarch Security Devices are cryptographic tools which verify the identity of their owners and provide secure access to sensitive data through personal cryptographic keys and passwords. Comarch’s Smart Security Devices portfolio includes smart card, microSD crypto card, smart token and smart card reader. For even stronger authentication, some of these support biometrics authentication in the form of a fingerprint reader.

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Comarch Security Devices serve as advanced transaction protectors, carrying cryptographic keys and certificates to protect users against cyber-attacks.

Security Devices Chosen Features

web browser independent

Browser independent


OS agnostic

human-machine interaction

Human-machine interaction

Handy and lightweight

Handy and lightweight

Example Uses of Security Devices

∎   Healthcare - secure access to confidential information

∎   Internet banking - secure verification of electronic funds transfers

∎   E-commerce - transaction approval

∎   Business - prevents unauthorized access to the system

∎   Banking - secure access to sensitive financial systems

"The number of system users, particularly the users of cryptographic cards and tokens exceeds a few thousand. The process of Comarch SmartToken implementation has been finalized successfully. The project has been completed within the agreed timeframe and in accordance with the budget."

Piotr Dusza, Senior Security & Technology Manager

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