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Comarch IoT Security

The problem with connected devices is that when they become a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) network they need to be protected, and lots of companies forget about that, which makes them a very attractive target for cybercriminals. More connected devices means more attack vectors against which Comarch Cyber Security division has created its special offer.



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Comarch IoT Security solution provides world-class identification, authorization, authentication and managing methods of connected devices.

Comarch tPro Family

Comarch tPro Family is a collection of highly specialized tokens that has been developed in response to the growing need of data transfer protection. These devices deliver strong methods of authorization and authentication to protect against various cyber-attacks. Thanks to the fact that Comarch tPro tokens require human-machine interaction the transfers are secure from phishing, keylogging and Man-In-The-Browser attacks. They are easy to use, intuitive and do not require any drivers installation. Comarch tPro Family tokens can be used in internet banking, ensuring the security of electronic funds transfers as well as any other crucial data transfers.


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Comarch tPro Family is a set of hardware tokens that act like the electronic keys to access secured resource.

Comarch SecureAccess

Comarch SecureAccess provides a simple method of monitoring privileged users’ actions on servers. This tool enables full control over remote users’ permissions to servers, and at the same time, records their activity. Through logging into SecureAccess, the user gains the secure access to selected servers and no additional passwords or keys are needed. This connection is monitored, all mouse clicks and keystrokes are recorded, so no unwanted action goes unnoticed. In the case of any security breach, alert notifications are sent to the administrator.


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Comarch Secure Access is a solution to supervise privileged users' activity on servers.

Comarch IAM - DRACO

Comarch DRACO is an identity and access management (IAM) tool that provides control over access to company’s or organization’s applications. This solution offers the best managing methods which comply with security standards. Thanks to DRACO you can grant access, authorize, authenticate and manage access to applications, devices and crucial data. Comarch DRACO can be easily adapted to any requirements of organizations of various structures and localizations.


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Comarch DRACO provides world-class identification, authorization, authentication and managing methods and procedures in line with security standards and regulations.

Comarch Cyber Security Professional Services

Comarch Cyber Security Professional Services offer wide range of auditing services, such as: penetration testing, security architecture analysis, security policy and procedure monitoring etc., executed by the team of highly qualified engineers. Our employees have wide experience in developing and implementing security policies that comply with international standards (COBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, MODAF, DoDAF, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, SABSA).


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Auditing services performed by our engineers include, but are not limited to: penetration tests, security architecture analysis, security policy and procedure monitoring.

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