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Comarch SFA (Sales Force Applications) are mobile and web-based solutions designed to manage and streamline the processes around sales.



Our portfolio includes systems for sales support and sales representatives work management, integration solutions and services for communications with trading partners, as well as web-based applications for managing sales, trade-marketing and marketing.


"Carlsberg Poland decided to choose the solution Comarch SFA Online Distribution, because it fits the strategy of working closely with retail points. In this class of business Comarch presented the most attractive offer for both the implementation and subsequent maintenance of the entire system" - Michał Bobrowski, Carlsberg Poland


'The choice of the Comarch solution was preceded by a pilot implementation stage, through which we could define our final requirements for the system and evaluate the product offered by Comarch. The final solution chosen for our company will allow for the comprehensive service of sales channels, and the system itself will support the work of commercial representatives in accordance with required work standards' - Rafał Stępień, Diageo Poland


'We decided to choose the Comarch SFA Online Distribution for data acquisition and inventory our partner warehouses. Thanks to this we received direct and permanent access to market information. Due to the professionalism of Comarch specialists it was possible to adjust the family of ECOD solutions to the functional needs of our individual, business and technical needs of the entire logistic structure of the company' - Piotr Goździejewski, Colgate-Palmolive Poland


Mars is cooperating with Comarch. Mars has chosen the Comarch SFA Online Distribution.


Nivea, one of the leading producers of cosmetics for adults and children has started collaboration with Comarch. The subject of implementation is the Comarch SFA Online Distribution.


'Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps and Comarch SFA Online Distribution are tools that allow us to react quickly to the needs of our partners, gives us access to the history of cooperation with our business partners and eliminates errors connected with the manual processing of documents. What's more, information gathered by the solution allow us to improve our competitive edge' - Marek Jaszczak, Stella Pack SA

Grupa Żywiec

'Żywiec Group began its cooperation with Comarch SA during the implementation and maintenance of the Comarch SFA Online Distribution and Comarch SFA Online Sales Support in 2008. Based on current cooperation, we can recommend Comarch SA as a credible and reliable partner' - Marek Warejko, Grupa Żywiec


'By expanding our previous cooperation, we will receive a complete and reliable picture of the market in which we operate. The innovativeness and flexibility of Comarch's solution will allow us to completely revolutionize the current approach to cooperation with our business partners. With Comarch SFA Online Distribution and Comarch SFA Online Sales Support we will definitely be closer to our business partners and our own local sales force' - Waldemar Romanowski, AkzoNobel Poland


'The choice of the Comarch SFA Online Distribution was preceded by a pilot implementation stage, through which we could define our final requirements for the system and evaluate the products offered by different suppliers. We paid close attention to whether the supplier offered a comprehensive approach to the project, from connection with the distributor to reporting reliable information' - Halina Pilich, Hortex


'Wawel is a leading producer of confectionary in Poland. In 2003, we started a fruitful cooperation with Comarch during the implementation of the ECOD Operator (current name Comarch EDI) and previously ECOD Agent (current name Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps), as well as Comarch ECOD Distribution (current name Comarch SFA Online Distribution)' - Robert Okoński, Wawel

IDS Group

'We have implemented yet another solution developed by Comarch which provides us with many benefits through its multi-system integration. Thanks to integrating the system with our distributors our sales team can obtain up-to-date information regarding our stock in our warehouses and also send orders for completion. The system also provide us with access to information about distributor resales, which allows us to assess the work of our employees' - Marko Tkachuk, IDS Group Ukraine


Implementation of Comarch SFA Online Distribution for communication and reporting on the distribution channel.


'As a result of several months of work, we have obtained a completely independent solution that was fully adapted to the requirements of the industry and to the model of cooperation within the network of retail stores - Studio Dekoral. The applied tool will certainly affect the quality and manner of customer service and improve the efficiency of our activities by automating the sales processes' – Marek Urbańczyk, PPG Deco Poland

Agros Nova

'In 2009, we began using Comarch SFA Online Sales Support with our distributors, thus giving them access to current data so they could report on it and stay up-to-date by checking it regularly. The whole Comarch SFA system was purchased in full outsourcing model, so we avoided having to invest in expensive IT and communication infrastructure' - Marek Sablik, Agros Nova


'NAVO has been looking for some time now for a solution that would support efforts to gain market advantage in the sales and distribution of FMCG products. After thorough analysis, we chose Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps' - Iwona Pawlak, Navo PGD


'Both during and after the implementation of the Comarch SFA Online Distribution, Comarch SA demonstrated a high level of expertise and knowledge, which resulted in the efficient launch of the Comarch SFA Online Distribution project and was the reason for the business success of the project for the manufacturer' - Krzysztof Tokarz, Speciał


'We have been cooperating with Comarch SA since 2007 during the Comarch SFA Online Distribution project whose aim was to, among others, conduct regular reports for producers (Nivea, Colgate) regarding inventory and resale made in the traditional retail channel' - Paweł Nakonieczny, Komplex-Torus

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