Comarch Travel Engagement

Comarch Travel Engagement introduces innovative methods of customer motivation that offers a variety of fully customizable plugins.


These plugins make it easy to reward clients, drive desired behaviors, and promote friendly competition within your airport. Our solution helps airports engage clients throughout their entire airport experience, whether it be on websites, mobile applications, or a conception of Internet of Things (Beacons, Google Glass, smartwatch) and social networks.

Why is it so attractive for customers?

Why is it so attractive to customers?


We believe that building real engagement should be based on five main elements. From our point of view, social and psychological game mechanisms, along with positive emotions are just as important as IT knowledge.

Using Comarch Travel Engagement we have the opportunity to create thousands of gamification scenarios based on story-telling and the newest trend – Beacons. We provide fun and entertainment that results in a higher level of engagement and motivation.

Flight Progress

Flight Progress


Flight progress is a central element of the personal profile, and it's where participants should enter all their flights. Not only do we store the flights to and from your airport, we also store outside flights. Optionally, alternative data such as date, airline, type of aircraft and other relevant flight details can be entered as well.

The flight progress can be visualized on a world map with additional information (such as total number of km flown). It should be mentioned that flight data isn't the only information captured in this area, but also hotel stays and favorite restaurants/bars with photos and videos. This can also be optionally integrated with TripAdvisor or a similar service.




We love to compete with one another. In the rankings players can view their results compared to the other participants, or friends. It's also possible to see the profiles of other users (if permitted), as well as "connect" with the participants. The "connected“ participants will now appear as "Friends." You can view a friends full profile, as well as invite them to common challenges and write them a personal message.




Gamification elements are strategically aligned throughout the customer journey. Customers can solve one or more challenges at every touch point. Indication of challenges via geolocation or augmented reality can also be implemented.

Example of possible challenges:

  • Shopping  - connected with monetary activities for cross-selling. For example: Buy (before 14th February) roses and perfume from a Duty Free Shop and get a Valentine’s Day Badge
  • Social actions - based on social media actions like sharing, inviting friends, and checking into specific places or particular shops
  • Knowledge - gain information about your airport via simple forms or surveys
  • Entertainment - generated by fun, simple quizzes, puzzles, etc.

Challenges are even more interesting when they are based on indoor identification. With the combination of Beacons and gamification, each visit to the airport is different. One time the mission can be to visit all the pitstops like in Formula 1, and another time for example it will be Indiana Jones finding treasure. 




As early as childhood we create and develop social bonds and a sense of community, first with family, later with friends. Our solution utilizes social media and creates a community of users. They can play individually or as an “airport team”- filtered by residence or being friends.




  • Personalized dialog with travelers
  • Fun added to unattractive tasks
  • Dedicated, contextual offers for passengers
  • Promotion of businesses located at the airport
  • Quick search of products and services offered at the airport
  • Free advertising in social media
  • Deep interactions between airport and the client
  • Flexible and varied promotions for badges  

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