Comarch Customer Engagement

A powerful gamification tool

Comarch Customer Engagement is a tool that comprehensively allows users to increase customer motivation and commitment.


By using deep learning methods of data processing, Comarch Customer Engagement offers solutions that can be used in a variety of trades. With a little help from artificial intelligence and its ability to learn progressively (with no specific programming needed), it is possible to obtain an innovative gamification tool with fully customizable plugins to both engage and reward users. By utilizing virtual components, such as badges, challenges, leaderboards and storytelling, and with augmented reality, the user experience can be enhanced even further.

Customer engagement software is based on the 3F rule: Fun, Friends and Feedback.

Customer Engagement Platform



Gamification optimizes the pleasure of communicating with the brand. Users have the opportunity to gain awards and prizes while competing with one another.

customer engagement and fun



Customers can share their achievements with friends via social media, and earn badges by doing so. An important aspect is healthy competition which strengthens the power of contacts and relationships between people. And most importantly it flows on the level of involvement in gamification.

Gamification with friends



Players are informed of all major developments and achievements within the game. At any point, they can be kept up to date due to the fact that gamification is always based on positive emotions. Users feel valued so their motivation to take on further challenges grows. Social mining is the key mechanism that helps us discern all the patterns and trends within the gamification solution.


Beacon Game 

Use the Beacons to gamify your customer!

Identifying end-to-end customers outside your business is only one of the possibilities available thanks to Comarch Beacons and gamification mechanisms.

In the Comarch Customer Engagement system we gather gamification data about loyalty program members, such as user engagement progress, number of badges and levels or goals achieved. Thanks to that we provide a dedicated customer engagement path which is able to achieve business goals like cross-selling or enrollment process. Each visit with the clients venue is different, so we offer a variety of gamification scenarios using Beacons. One mission can be to find a treasure (as a special promotion form) like Indiana Jones and another time to stop by all defined pit stops (cross-selling) like with Formula 1. We do all this because being first is our natural need.

Beacons to gamify and engage your customer



  • Deep insight into client preferences
  • Engagement of users through challenges
  • Creating deep interactions between the brand and the client
  • Enriching client experience
  • Great tool for customer experience management
  • Targeted and personalized feedback for users in the form of notifications
  • Free advertising in a form of social media impressions

Benefits of Comarch Customer Engagement Software

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the form of Comarch Customer Engagement solutions?

    Comarch Customer Engagement products are built to provide customer experience management. Despite one common main goal, the final form of such customer engagement solutions may vary for different target groups or business goals.

    Our customer engagement software is based on a gamification engine that can be the basis for a simple website, a fully RWD web platform or a mobile application.

    The gamification engine is responsible for standard features such as user authorization, statistics or reports. It also includes features that represent game elements such as a leaderboard, points, badges, challenges.

  • 2. What dedicated elements are prepared for a single client?

    Each gamification software is built as a solution dedicated to a specific client. The final solution, the gamification mechanics and creative materials are developed for a specific project.

    Nevertheless, there is only one common part in every customer engagement tool - our gamification engine used as the core component.

  • 3. What are possible integrations with Comarch Customer Engagement solutions?

    Our gamification engine is open software that can be easily integrated with external sources.

    In order to build a client engagement, we usually suggest integrating gamification software with an existing loyalty program and Social media channels.

  • 4. What ongoing services can be offered after the solution goes live?

    Each of our solutions can be supported by such ongoing services as:

    • Administration
    • Support
    • Hosting
    • Creative works

    On one hand, our solution offers great customer engagement management. But on the other hand, it also gathers also a huge amount of “soft” data about its users: information about their habits, preferences, the most effective motivators that work for them and more. Such data can be especially useful in an engagement marketing strategy. The bigger the knowledge about the customers is, the easier it is to engage them and build a bond between them and the brand.

    Each of our projects includes a service called behavioural analysis. We gather such data about the users, analyze it and make suggestions of small adjustments in gamification mechanics that can enhance the results of the customer engagement system.

  • 5. How long does it take to implement the solution?

    The length of product implementation depends on the complexity of the project scope.

    Our web customer engagement platform is usually implemented between six and nine months, whereas our mobile customer engagement application is built in four to six months.

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