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Research shows that 70% of workers are not fully engaged in the performance of official duties.


In order to improve engagement and productivity of employees, we have created Comarch Enterprise Engagement Platform – an IT system for companies that comprehensively implements mechanisms and elements of engagement in the work environment by defining games rules, conditions and achievements.

The enterprise engagement solution helps to motivate business partners by virtual rewards and appealing storytelling, educate on portfolio & services by a knowledge based plugin. By implementing the effective engagement strategy managers get to know the opinions and ideas from employees/business partners and build community around the brand.

Problem solving


People love competition. Allowing employees to pursue varied challenges, overcomes common monotony of duties. Fulfilling a creative task becomes the goal and reward itself and also sets clear short and long-term goals.

Problem solving



The feeling of being part of a larger whole is the main cause of natural propensity to work on solving common problems. Creating an environment for workers where this is possible significantly affects motivation and increases involvement.

Employee engagement games, teamwork

Creativity and innovation


Development of creativity of employees increases their efficiency in solving problems. Tasks that are proposed to users of a gamification system, are designed so as to strengthen this trait in employees as much as possible.

Employee engagement strategies

Sharing knowledge

Both knowledge sharing and acquiring knowledge, are very important aspects of strengthening the involvement of employees. The feeling of being an expert in any field and the consequent recognition of co-workers can be regarded as a value in itself, but the added value is also higher level of knowledge possessed by the company taken as a whole

Sharing knowledge


  • Increase in the commitment and motivation of employees
  • The ability to get to know the opinions of employees and business partners (surveys / quizzes / reports / statistics)
  • Comprehensive analytical and ranking tool (identification of the most active units in terms of defined criteria)
  • The increase in sales
  • Increase in the number and quality of trainings for employees and business partners
  • Effective tool in raising KPIs specified by the customer
  • Effective communication channel, the increasing of interactivity of the elements of the social platform

Benefits of gamification employee engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the form of Comarch Enterprise Engagement Platform?

    Comarch Enterprise Engagement Platform is an IT product that offers gamification at work. Based on an original gamification engine, our enterprise gamification software is the back-end service for a number of front-end employee gamification solutions: simple websites, RWD web platforms and mobile applications.

    Our product offers core gamification features, such as points, badges and trophies, user rankings, challenges and various employee engagement games. The platform also supports other basic functionalities, e.g. user authorization, statistics or reports.

  • 2. What dedicated elements are prepared for a single client?

    Each solution we deliver is corporate gamification software dedicated to a particular client. Features such as game mechanics, the creative concept and gamification design are tailored to the client's requirements and needs.

    The only component that all our solutions share is the back-end gamification engine.

  • 3. What are possible integrations with Comarch Enterprise Engagement Platform?

    Developed as an open service, our gamification engine offers simple integration with external systems.

    Our recommendation with respect to building employee engagement is to integrate our software with main work programs that cover information about the employees' performance and their place both within the corporate hierarchy and the existing motivational program.

  • 4. What ongoing services can be offered after the solution goes live?

    In addition to our core products, we also offer the following supplementary services:

    • Administration
    • Support
    • Hosting
    • Creative works

    What is more, all our projects include the so-called behavioural analysis based on "soft" data on gamification users that our solution gathers on an ongoing basis. Such information – about employees' habits, preferences and their most effective motivators – proves particularly valuable when developing an effective employee engagement strategy.

    Following each behavioral analysis we suggest minor adjustments to gamification mechanics that could improve the results of the employee engagement system.

  • 5. How long does it take to implement the solution?

    Depending on the complexity of the solution, the length of each implementation may vary. On average, web employee engagement platforms take between six and nine months to implement, while mobile employee engagement applications are built in four to six months.

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