How to Get to Know Your Customers?  Comarch Bussines Intelligence

One of the most valuable characteristics, that not only determines the success but also that sets apart a superior expert, is the ability to observe the changing reality of the market, acknowledge the trends and adapt them to the specific field through applying them to the business tools. Nowadays, as an effect of the technological development, our world is overflown with data as 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day [1]. Being aware of the fact that this phenomenon influences many aspects of our everyday life, it drives the change and shapes the attitudes, we created a solution that would convert it into a marketing opportunity. 

Marketing Potential          

Keeping in mind the fact that in order to gain customer loyalty companies should focus on the customer-centric approach, the knowledge hidden in the data can be transformative. It can include information about customers’ preferences and behavioural patterns that are necessary to create a personalised experience- this is crucial since 45% of companies have seen an increase in customer loyalty as a result of investing in the customer experience [2]. However, to utilise the insight gained from various sources to generate revenue, retain customers and acquire new ones, it needs to be translated into a practical and applicable format.


Unique Solution 

While creating Comarch Business Intelligence we strived to combine the functionality of a comprehensive source of customer cognition with the effortless implementation and cost-effective quality. Contrary to the conventional BI solutions, we offer a pre-built system to shorten the time of deployment and reduce costs but still with the option of customisation to accommodate the individual business needs. We made sure to incorporate an easy to navigate interface with convenient visualisations: dashboards, charts and maps.


Powerful Abilities

Our solution with drag and drop features, ad-hoc data exploration, ad-hoc and periodical reports generation, micro-segmentation engine, report repository and many more, allows for a variety of different operations to maximise the usage of the data. Moreover, it can be also adjusted to the specific requirements. We can secure advanced analytics in a form of specially prepared models that are built with the use of mathematical and statistical methods. Additionally, we can provide predictive and economic models that comprise of useful components: recognition of customer habits, prediction of their next steps, identification of the “likely to churn” clientele, analysis of shopping basket as well as product demand anticipation and Next Best Offer etc.


Amazing Benefits

After introducing Comarch Business Intelligence your company will be equipped with a collection of ready-made, user-friendly, visual insights. Since tailored offers increase retention, response rate and customer frequency thus improve profitability, instructions about consumer lifestyle, shopping routines, high value customers and driving loyalty factors, will serve as a guidance to perfect your marketing strategy.

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