Comarch's Jessica Lavigne Shines on Loyalty TV: An Interview on Emotional Loyalty

Recently, our very own Jessica Lavigne, a CRM and Customer Loyalty Consultant, was featured as a guest on Loyalty TV and Let’s Talk Loyalty. The interview, hosted by Paula Thomas, explored the critical yet often overlooked aspect of building emotional connections with customers.

Jessica shared valuable insights on how brands can move beyond transactional loyalty programs and foster genuine relationships with their customers. She emphasized the importance of creating positive experiences, personalizing the customer journey, and building a sense of community.

Cleverly, Jessica compared brand-customer relationships to romantic relationships:

When we are in a relationship, we always say you have to get the other person talking, you have to be interested in them to really build a relationship. And today, brands don't do this anymore. We say that for a couple to last, you need to have surprises. Well, I'm not really surprised by any brand. I think all that small advice we give for relationships should actually be applied to brands and customers and it would be great, honestly. I would love to see a brand sending me surprises for my birthday or putting some samples in my order without asking me what sample I want.

The interview also showcased examples of emotional loyalty in action, including Decathlon’s loyalty program, Sephora's Beauty Insider program, and Carrefour's innovative points-sharing initiative.

Here are some key takeaways from Jessica's interview:

  • Emotional loyalty is the key to building lasting customer relationships and driving advocacy.
  • Loyalty programs should focus on creating positive experiences, not just rewarding transactions.
  • Personalization and a sense of community are essential for building emotional connections.
  • Sustainability is a growing concern for customers, and loyalty programs can incentivize eco-friendly behavior.

We highly encourage you to watch the full interview on Loyalty TV and Let's Talk Loyalty. For brands looking to elevate their loyalty programs and unlock the power of emotional connection with customers, or for those interested in exploring the customer loyalty field, Jessica's insights are a valuable resource.

Watch the video now to gain insights from a Comarch customer loyalty expert!

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