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One of the most characteristic aspects of modern reality is the omnipresent influence of technology on our everyday lives. That also includes our social relationships and communication, which is reflected by the extreme popularity of social media. Research shows that there are currently 2.32 billion users of these channels [1] and it is predicted that by 2019 this number will reach around 2.72 billion [2]. A clear majority of businesses already acknowledged this phenomenon as a marketing opportunity since 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels [3], and more than half of marketers who have used social media marketing for over three years reported an increase in sales over that period [4]. The potential of social media is tremendous as it can not only be used for communication or for promotional purposes, but also serve as a priceless source of customer data.


A Versatile Solution   

Being an outstanding loyalty marketing specialist, Comarch is well aware of the significance of these sources in building positive connections with the clientele. Therefore, we made sure that among the vast arsenal of our products, there is a place for a convenient tool that will enrich our loyalty offer with social context support. Our Social Mining solution has the ability to connect social profiles with Comarch Loyalty Management and is able to collect the significant member’s data from Facebook, Twitter and arrange them in segments according to defined criteria. Moreover, it enables deep analysis through various monitoring mechanisms such as tracking keywords, following loyalty members’ activity, sentiment scoring as well as recognition of the most engaged users. Presented in an easily operated application, equipped with dashboards and gauges that enable drawing conclusions and adjusting the communication accordingly, it can improve the overall customer experience. This is possible due to obtaining a fuller members’ profile and an extensive history of their social behaviour which leads to better understanding of their preferences. Thus, companies are able to target marketing actions more accurately and modify the interactions, adjusting them to clients’ needs.


Priceless Benefits 

Our solution increases  the quality of communication through the real time access to the customers’ involvement. Apart from saving time and resources, it provides a practical mechanism to measure the success of social campaigns. Including social components into the loyalty strategy enhances the segmentation and along with the detection of influential consumers and brand advocates, it creates more engaging and upgraded offers.

Comarch Social Mining perfectly complements all of our customer relationship business modules. It is a great example of combining state-of-the-art technology with a human related aspect by cultivating listening to you customers on a daily basis.



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