Comarch’s recipe for minimizing marketing fatigue

Nowadays, when customers are overwhelmed with marketing content, the key to profitable marketing campaign is the accurate communication method and tactful strategy. It indeed is a challenge to be noticeable, draw customers’ attention and respond towards their needs without crossing the line of overflowing them with excess messages and in result receiving the opposite effect by alienating them.

The right customers

Under the circumstances of the mentioned obstacles in this extremely competitive market, it became increasingly challenging to make a considerable impression on the customer. The fundamental factor that determines the success of the marketing effort is the strategically adjusted and well-aimed targeting procedure established through complex process of selection and gathering customers in possibly the most homogenous categories with distinct contact methods.

The right time and message

There are numerous variables that can designate the assignment of certain contact arrangement to the specific customer tier. Contrary to popular belief, the subject and content of the message are not the exclusively decisive and primary factors. Equally vital are aspects connected to the execution, such as the choice of the appropriate channels that will serve as effective touchpoint, taking under consideration type, value, length of the message, as well as gathered data about certain customer preferences and behaviour. Another crucial component is sensible time coordination, precisely the frequency and interval guidelines. The key to success is the competence to estimate the optimum formula for contact, that is sufficiently recurrent to engage, while not being too intrusive that it will estrange the customers.

The right tools and capabilities

Having in mind the complex character of contact strategy administration, we created Advanced Contact Strategies- the new addition to Comarch Campaign Management solution that allows for absolute control over time, frequency, channel and time lapse of sending messages. It provides a convenient assistance in designating contact appropriately to the customers’ preferences by establishing messages dedicated to particular segments of customers, adjusting it to their individual needs and obtaining a precisely assigned communication. Due to manageable structure and self-sufficient automatic procedures, it is easily operated, making the handling of the campaign effortlessly efficient. Convenient features of our new component allow marketers not only to set up diverse contact rules for different segments and campaign types but also to simply consider or ignore defined contact strategies while creating a brand new campaign. Moreover, apart from the ability to control limits per individual customer over time, it also enables removing contacts from campaign target group if communication limits are exceeded at chosen moment.

Setting yourself apart from the flood of marketing content becomes achievable with our new tool that not only grants the optimum frequency but most importantly allows for relevant and personalised communication. It encompasses the support that plays a breakthrough role in the optimization process of the contact tactics, creating a smooth and synchronized way of reaching the customer for the most successful marketing impact.

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