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Nowadays, with ubiquitous deluge of marketing content and widely and continuously growing  expectations, reaching the customers, breaking into the market and permanently remaining on it has never been so challenging. Therefore, the ability of distinguishing yourself from the competitors within the saturated market determines the favourable outcome of the rivalry.

The solution

In order to withstand this enormous pressure, companies should make the effort to set not only synchronized but also a unique vision of clever strategy, competent management and accurate targeting. The most efficacious way of achieving success is to seek help from experienced advisors and experts in the field of technology solutions.

Smart concept

Comarch Campaign Management is a comprehensive tool that will bring your marketing operations to the whole another level by securing full assistance on all stages of the process. Since the most crucial determinants of campaign success are accuracy of the audience, perfect timing and appropriate channel, we made sure to put those factors in the centre of our functionality priority, offering options such as customer targeting, interactive marketing calendar, multi-stage campaign planning and task workflows.

Practical method

To guarantee smooth operations we added convenient features such as automated actions, budget tracking and campaign testing. Taking under consideration the importance of flexible adjustment to the dynamics of the customers’ needs and to assert supervision over the campaign results, we supply response monitoring and campaign performance reporting.

Superior business leverage

Campaign Management is a complete solution that provides the essentials for mastering automated, omni-channel marketing strategy adapted to customer’s individual history. It assists not only in the strive to outpace the competition, but to achieve measurable marketing success.

The best companion

According to the old aphorism by Izaak Walton “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter”, when it comes to providing support in managing marketing campaigns there is no better company than COMARCH. With professional approach, powerful tools and valuable insights we provide a thorough support in this critical journey.


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