Improvement of the implementation of the procurement process within the organization by unifying and automating order creation, delivery registration, as well as the circulation and approval of purchase invoices.


Comarch Procure-to-Pay combines e-sourcing, e-procurement, e-invoicing and accounts payable invoice automation capabilities. It assures improved collaboration both within your company and with your business partners, thanks to Robotic Process Automation of document handling and a holistic approach to data exchange, while leveraging financing of solutions. As a result, your company, with prompt access to reliable Big Data reports, will be more efficient and can choose freely how to optimize working capital.

Comarch Procure-to-Pay enables the implementation of procedures for purchasing, increasing the effectiveness of planned expenditure control and simplifies the approval process. At the same time, the solution, based on machine learning technology, significantly improves the accuracy of forecasts of financial reserves.

Comarch Procure-to-Pay can reduce labor intensity in accounts payable departments, effectively justifying the costs incurred.


  • Harmonization of purchasing rules across the entire organization
  • Well-calculated reserves thanks to control over planned expenditures
  • Reduction in costs through the implementation of collective contracts
  • Simplified accounting of invoices by the initial assignment of costs at the procurement stage
  • Data consistency
  • Secure and fast data exchange with each partner
  • Traceability – efficient tracking of the movement of goods
  • Fully controllable cost approval
  • Control over working capital and spending
  • Auditable and streamlined processes

Procure-to-Pay Benefits



Purchase event creation, bidding and award processes


Central database of suppliers with workflows for collection, verification, acceptance and update of contractor data.


Handling a contract at every stage of its lifecycle (from creation, through negotiation and completion to renewal or exit).


Multiple document output and input channels (integration, Web-EDI, web portal, e-mail, scan or upload).


One central electronic archive for all P-2-P related documents (e.g. requisitions, orders, contracts and invoices).


Comparison of quantities, price per unit, terms, etc. appearing on the vendor's invoice, with the purchase order and quantities actually received.


Dedicated workflows for sourcing, contract management, requisitions, orders and electronic invoice handling processes.


Reporting of processed orders and costs incurred.


Integration with internal and external business systems (e.g. ERP, EDI and Active Directory).


Web-based contractor access to purchasing events, contracts, orders, invoices and much more.

Strategic Sourcing


The Comarch e-Sourcing module is a platform for collaboration between internal stakeholders and suppliers, supporting purchase event creation, bidding and award processes. The system is designed to ensure the transparency of decision-making process, increase the chances of concluding the best contracts available, and pursue the company’s purchasing strategy. The solution streamlines even complex tendering processes, whenever:

  • The tender concerns new items or services
  • The requirements are not clearly defined and/or complex
  • New suppliers need to be included
  • Confirmation and input is needed from alternative teams (such as design/engineering, quality, marketing, etc.)

Comarch e-Sourcing addresses these challenges by enabling purchase event owners to define stakeholders, tender items and evaluation criteria, and to assign workflow tasks to colleagues. The included B2B portal ensures smooth pre-qualification of suppliers, and transparent, effective communication in the tender process. Comarch e-Sourcing helps to leverage a company’s strategic sourcing in the total value management model.

Strategic Sourcing

Contract Management


A comprehensive service for the whole lifecycle of a contract, from its creation, through negotiation and completion, to renewal or exit. The solution streamlines the work of both those for whom the service of contracts is a main task, and departments that deal with contracts from time to time. Implementation of the solution allows the harmonization of procedures within the organization to ensure consistency of the rules and security of the signed documents.

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Contract Management



Comarch provides a cloud-based solution that improves the visibility of company spending executed by each employee. Our tool guarantees prompt access to reliable data enhancing complete procurement processes. Consolidating the operations in one tool brings savings to your organization. 

Main features:

  • Easy and intuitive ordering from catalogs
  • Ergonomic supplier portal to receive, convert and send messages
  • Traceability of order fulfillment
  • Format conversion and routing possibilities
  • Inventory management
  • Notifications


AP Automation


Registration of documents in an electronic repository integrates multiple input sources in conjunction with automatic indexation and OCR engines using machine learning technology. Accounts payable ensures a decrease in the workload associated with manual processing. The use of artificial intelligence accelerates the acceptance of documents and enables to collect data entered at every stage of the process. Due to Robotic Process Automation, accounting staff can focus solely on verification and particularization of the entered assignment.

Comarch Accounts Payable enables effective invoice management facilitating quick access to electronic documents, which are stored securely in a central repository. It allows documents to be searched, preserved, archived and delivered for audits. Invoice processing is based on a workflow engine that enables appropriate approval mechanisms to be set, and which reflects the structure of document verification and acceptance or issue management.

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Document Management

Supplier Information Management


A central supplier database to collect, verify, accept and update contractor data, and to supply such information to other modules of the system. Thanks to the possibility of integration with external systems, Comarch Supplier Information Management can also be a central database of contractors for other systems, and may use data transferred from these systems. This ensures up to date, accurate and consistent data across all systems that use contractor data.

Supplier Information Management



Dedicated reports and graphical dashboards enable the use of data collected within workflows and captured documents, and integration with the company’s other systems. By correlating Big Data from all these sources, Comarch Analytics can produce comprehensive, real-time analysis, providing an insight into your company’s purchasing and invoicing processes. This helps to address issues as they arise and to control spending, while facilitating good decision-making processes and accurate predictions about future financial performance.

The reporting functionalities can be used to analyze document quality per vendor, monitor and analyze process efficiency, analyze document volume over time, provide summaries of issues and documents with different statuses, and much more.


Analytics - Procure-to-Pay

Supplier Portal


Comarch Supplier Portal enables the company’s suppliers to perform a wide variety of tasks with the goal of facilitating and streamlining supplier management and supplier-company communication. The portal may be integrated with the company’s internal systems, so that events are defined by or trigger internal workflows.

Among the features offered are checking/updating company data, invoice management, purchase order management and PO flipping, product data management, accessing contract information, supplier pre-qualification, e-auction and eRFx management.


Supplier Portal

Comarch Streamlines Source-to-Pay Process


Comarch Procure-to-Pay is a comprehensive procurement system supporting the whole source-to-pay process by:

  • Creating tenders in a manner that allows users to select the appropriate suppliers by collecting required data or documents, along with rigorous evaluation
  • Comprehensive contract management at every stage of the document’s lifecycle (from creation, through negotiation and completion, to renewal or exit)
  • Purchase requisition and purchase order creation, approval and monitoring to ensure the process is running correctly
  • 3-way match before payment for delivered goods or services, to gain early payment discount
  • Making payments after 3-way match purchase order/delivery/invoice to mitigate errors and financial risks (i.e. fraud or double-billing)

Comarch Procure-to-Pay stands out among e-procurement software, due to its broad insight into the procurement process and its flexibility and affordability. Thanks to Comarch’s procurement management solution, companies can control purchasing, enhance performance and maximize productivity.

Managed Services


Implementation of the process of connections with business partners in accordance with the schedule (including information campaigns, webinars and newsletters).


Comarch’s multi-lingual Service Desk team provides reliable support while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Experienced project managers are assigned to the project and oversee the initiation, preparation, execution and closure stages to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed solution.


Comprehensive services for processing paper documents, such as preparing for scanning, scanning, indexing, archiving originals, and logistics.


Solution supports communication within the organization as well as customer relationship management.


Comarch supports the integration of many systems within enterprises (e.g. ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, EDI and ECM), together with directory services for automatic logging in to the system and presenting the organizational hierarchy.

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