The Billentis Report 2016 – brought to you by Comarch

The Billentis report “E-Invoicing / E-Billing”


As always, The Billentis Report provides in-depth analysis of the electronic invoice market.

The report is composed of detailed articles, case studies and valuable market data. Comarch has contributed a case study of Kompania Piwowarska (a subsidiary of SABMiller) and an expert article on cross-border invoicing.

What will you find in the report?

  • Evolving market models in the global landscape
  • Motives for replacing paper bills with e-invoices
  • Digitization and automation of processes
  • Project checklists and success factors to implement in your business

E-invoicing opportunities may reduce operational costs and enhance optimization processes in your business. To learn more, we recommend a thorough read of the Billentis Report 2016.

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