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Get a complete set of powerful loyalty management & digital marketing tools to increase customer lifetime value & improve your ROI

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An AI-powered loyalty platform
that can help you...

  • Build and manage immersive B2B, B2C, B2E loyalty programs
  • Design and run captivating marketing campaigns
  • Deliver personalized CXs across multiple touchpoints
  • Collect zero & first-party data and analyze customer behavior
  • Create and deliver a highly engaging loyalty app and website

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All the tools you need to build customer loyalty 🤝

Loyalty Management

Design and launch engaging loyalty programs & rewards campaigns to build long-lasting relationships with your customers

Incorporate advanced promotion and rewarding schemes into your marketing strategy by getting a complete set of easy-to-use customer loyalty tools. Connect with third-party software with ease thanks to an Open API and batch interfaces.

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Loyalty Management

Marketing Automation

Build and visualize personalized customer journeys to send your clients the right message at the right time and place

Use our MA tools to create and run marketing campaigns based on past customer behavior (AI/ML), as well as to send time or event-related email, push, and SMS messages to your clients. Receive key recommendations on when and where to deliver your content

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Marketing Automation

Data Analytics

Optimize and personalize your marketing campaigns & loyalty programs using our advanced AI/ML technology

Get our data analytics tools to personalize your offers and promotions, predict future customer interactions, and improve your communication with clients thanks to detailed campaign statistics, various reporting modules, and multi-dimensional customer segmentations.

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Data Analytics

Omnichannel Marketing Applications

Get your hands on a dedicated set of frontend applications to improve interactions with loyalty program members

Design, launch, and manage your website and mobile applications to follow the principles of the omnichannel communication strategy. Gain access to a customer care portal, where you can verify and update information on any given program member.  

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Customer Touchpoints

Integrate with 3rd Party Platforms

Add our loyalty management system to your IT ecosystem and combine it with existing martech solutions.

Also, take advantage of the already established connections between our loyalty management software and other major platforms to improve your customer engagement strategy. Plus, you can get us or one of our trusted partners to develop custom integrations over API and connect with systems you already use.

Loyalty Platform Integrations

Need help to
get it up and running? 💪

Use our professional services and let our loyalty experts design, implement, and manage a loyalty program that your customers will love!

Get us to build additional custom program functionalities that will fit your business (Enterprise model) or go live in just 8 weeks (SaaS model).

Boost Conversions and Improve ROI 

Optimize your day-to-day marketing operations and let us show you how to push the technology to the max so that you can improve your program's performance and increase ROI.

Use our platform to turn your loyalty program into a new, reliable revenue stream

ROI in Loyalty

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