The Numerous Benefits of the Crew Application

Frequent flyer programs have been an extensively widespread practice in the travel industry for many years. To keep up-to-date with the times and the technological stride, they should be systematically updated with additional improvements to assure customers’ interest as with every other loyalty management solution. In consequence, keeping in mind the customer centric approach, enhancing the passenger experience by perfecting the communication across all channels and on all of the stages of the journey, should be the priority along with improvements in the customization, convenience and efficiency department.


The answer to these questions is Comarch’s strive for evolving the development of transforming the utilitarian side of these tools into more user-friendly, while ensuring a profitable growth. Thereby, we present the Crew Application- a new practical module that creates a new way of managing the information in frequent flyer programmes by granting access to them for flight attendants. It offers a vast array of useful functionalities from providing data about FFP members to additional services for the passengers and convenient crew support. It grants entry to the entire passenger inventory and can be helpful with distinguishing the passengers’ information based on their loyalty status (exact tier, valuable passengers). Apart from the member identification being designed in quick and effortless manner it is also efficiently coordinated with the plane seating map.

Additional Features

Moreover, Crew Application enables accrual processing that is possible for all the shopping done in-flight, along with food and duty free purchases and it offers the possibility of redemption even while offline. In order to secure a full spectrum of options, staff members can easily access passengers’ profile, show the available menu, duty free and rewards catalogues. There is also the possibility of submitting claims and instantly assigning compensating points. The capabilities of this tool are not exclusively bound to the loyalty operations. It is also able to grant some exceptionally useful information in a form of an alert, notifying about a risk of a delay and optional connecting flights, which can be priceless for the passengers and can be an influential marketing differentiator.

Crew Support

Furthermore, Crew Application serves as a prized assistant for the in-flight personnel, equipping them with precise information about the flight, plane specifications and seating arrangements – as well as an extensive crew structure. It also includes flights schedules and working hours presented in an accessible form of diagrams to simplify time management.

Easy Access

Conveniently, the application also runs offline, so access to the databases and other components is still possible even without internet connection (in case the plane is out of reception or due to the fact that it’s not supplied with internet).

Our Crew Application offers a plethora of functionalities that make the life of in-flight personnel, as well as the passengers, much easier. It boosts practicality by exceeding the abilities of a conventional frequent flyer programme adding to its overall attractiveness, not only for existing but also for the potential customers.


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