The Brilliant Combination of Geolocation Technology, Internet of Things and Loyalty as a Recipe for the Smart City Solution

As a cutting-edge IT company, we make sure not only to keep up with the current trends, but more importantly we strive to set new directions with our innovative solutions. As a result of the research and development of Comarch PointsHub, a new project- Smart City- came to the existence as an outstanding formula that combines the modern and efficient urban management with the ecologic and economic benefits. This unique fusion of the Internet of Things potential with the ‘smart’  customer approach is supported with the state-of-the-art technology and conjoins location based services (LBS), beacons and mobile applications.

The Power of Comarch Beacon

Beacons are small transmitters that can be strategically placed in city, transport or retail environment in various places: on walls, bus stops or in shops. Through the Bluetooth technology they can connect and exchange data with the customer’s smartphone equipped with the specially designed application and send real-time personalised messages. What makes beacons highly convenient is not only a relatively low production cost and long battery life, but also a flexibility of the transmission power configuration. It allows for the diversified range of the signal to adjust the notification’s circulation according to the purpose – for example there is a possibility of sending the same memo from the same device both at the store entrance and at the POS. At Comarch, we advise our clients how to utilise the power of the Internet of Things to upgrade  the retail space, event organisation or public transport to communicate with the potential consumers during their decision making process.

The Capabilities of Location Based Services

Generally, location based services (LBS) are a class of IT services that use location data to activate the system operation. Specifically, it is the application that can be utilised in numerous actions through analysing and implementing the information about the geographical position of a mobile device that it is installed on. This technology can be extremely valuable in the day and age of smartphone and tablet expansion, not only due to the ability of providing the users with helpful information regarding the needed nearest object or a place, but also because it can truly revolutionize the m-commerce. The fact that the customised messages sent according to the contextual circumstances such as  localisation, time and preferences can be counted in trillions, shows that it is one of the fastest growing and of the most demanded areas of the software services.

World-Class CRM Systems

The solutions that we design are not a matter of a faraway future, but are practically applicable and  invented to effectively reach a specific user. By utilising our long-standing experience in the CRM and loyalty sector as well as our in-depth knowledge of the rapidly developing technology, we created a unique solution designated for the cities, airports, shopping malls and retailers. By placing programmed sensors in the discretional spots, utilising smartphones and available infrastructure (WiFi, chip NFC, beacons) the system collects customer data allowing for their analyses and further application. Integration with the Business Intelligence tool provides access to the models and segmentation generated based on customers’ favoured choices and past behaviour such as transactions, used offers and location.

The Amazing Smart City

By integrating localization technology and the services based on it and with the established loyalty system, we receive a dynamic combination that begins to conquer the world. The uniqueness of this solution results not only from the fact that this application upgrades navigation in the city surroundings and inside the buildings, but also because it is accompanied with a loyalty platform and an engagement component, thus it surely has a significant potential to succeed in the IT industry.

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